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Horror Challenge (I Guess)


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I don't know where to put this. So I just decided to put it on the Extras area.


Hello! Its just me. An ordinary Tenno who likes to contribute to the community.


This time I brought a little challenge I decided to share. Not sure if it's horrific enough to entitle you, but least bear with me? :D?


The challenge is simple; all you have to do is, minimize Brightness to 25%, max Contrast atleast 85% - 95%. HUD/UI offline, No music, max sound effects and Lotus dialogue voice. Turn off your room lights and be alone also.

Extra Challenge: No Sentinel~


Any Derelict mission would do so.



There's no rewards for this but self-estem. This is only a challenge.


Isn't as scary if you do it anyway.




- Added some little dialogue subtitle to present the Infested lore interaction with the Tenno more fitting.










It's a fan-gameplay concept. c:

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