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Karalotus' (Limeativity) Concept Art!


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Hello fellow Tenno. This is my thread where you can find all the concept art I do on Warframe that I am willing to share to the community. If you like my art, check back every week or so, chances are there will be something new. (When I share my art it will ether be here or on my Fan Art forum)

Follow this topic if you like what I do. Take a look at my profile for all the info about me and links to all the social networks I'm in. But enough of that, here's what you came to see.

Hope you enjoy :)


1. New Female Non-Caster Warframe Concept: Entry #1 (rough helm outline)


This is a really early cropped image of the final product. In the end she is suppose to be upside down in a stealthy pose. This is just the outline of her helmet. It was drawn on Manga Studio 5 EX. I was playing around with this new program and I sketched this up. I used a wacom BAMBOO Create pen and tablet.
Hope you like it. check back soon for more updates :)
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