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Session Bug


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    session bugs.  every single one of them. session unavailable. session full when it is not. etc.   i don't mind grind.  i don't care about exclusive rewards.  fps issues and crashes don't bring me down.  but session bugs, they make me a saaaaaad panda.  


    it would just seem like this would be high on the list of things to fix considering the game play is group oriented.  i know of new players who quit because of this.  some,  because it bugged them.  others,  because they couldn't play with their friends.  any thoughts on why this is still a common issue after all these months?  maybe i am missing something.

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I don't even think Pandas can be sad... Since generally most animals such as mammals cannot become sad, as in they don't feel sorrow.

I read in National Geographic one time that wild elephants do. It would be safe to assume that many other mammals do as well, just to a lesser, more primitive extent.

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