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Trill's Ideas - Weapons, Missions, Reworks

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Javelins (secondary sub-type)


New secondary class, Javelins exist to mix things up a bit. We have plenty of melee weapons that can be used as ranged, then what about ranged weapon being used as melee? Enter the Javelins. All Javelins share the following similarities:

1) They have alternate fire that performs a melee strike with the javelin (usually a stab), not expending any ammo. This attack has exactly one animation, no combos or variations here, fixed speed (unless buffed by Volt or Wisp), no Slam or Heavy version. It doesn't contribute to combo modifier, however it benefits from it and keeps it from expiring. This provides an alternative melee gameplay, where Combo counter stacking and mods that boost it are still valuable, while heavy attacks are not as crucial. In most cases, this attack is straight stab, which can hit multiple enemies in a line.

2) Javelins have unique relationship with Sword & Shield melee weapons. When equipped at the same time, the shield is wielded alongside javelins, and can block enemy shots and attacks. Glaives, however, don't interact with javelins the same way they interact with other secondaries though. Javelin and Glaive hide/replace each other the same way Primary and Glaive do.

3) Javelins can equip throwing knives mods (e.g. Concealed Explosives) and are in many regards treated like throwing knives. Use different skins and animations though.

4) On a lesser note, Javelins usually have low ammo pool, decent damage, innate punchthrough, and relatively slow projectiles traveling in ballistic arcs, like bow arrows. For the most part they deal Piercing damage.

5) To represent their more primitive nature most Javelins require Plains of Eidolon resources (usually the easier to find ones).


The most basic Javelin, Yari is crafted out of Kunai, some Mapicos, Moonlight Threshcones, and some Morphics. Piercing damage.


Basically a high-tier version of Yari, Grief is crafted out of Despair, Nyth, Sentirum, and Alloy Plates. Deals piercing damage with decent status and crit chance.

Jat Throgg

Jet-powered javelins, Jat Throgg lack ballistic arc, have higher projectile speed, great punch through, and deal bonus Heat damage to the first target hit (be it ranged or melee). Brutal hooked spikes cause this weapon to deal 50/50 Piercing/Slash damage with high status chance. Unusually, require Detonite Samples to craft.


Themed after Baruuk's weapons, Cobra & Crane, Asp javelins looks like thinner sharper Cobra maces. They lack punch-through on throw and have lower firing speed that other javelins, however when wielded with Cobra & Crane, the first hit on any target puts them to sleep for 2 second. Impact/Piercing damage with a smidgen (about 10%) of Toxin. Decent status chance. Requires Khut-Khut Venom Sacks to craft, among other things.

Prisma Java

Available exclusively from Baro Ki'teer, Prisma Java is forged entirely of prisma crystals. It has slowly regenerating ammo pool, slower projectile speed, deals pure Radiation damage, and its melee strike is a wide sweeping slash instead of stab, which deals less damage per target, but blinds them for 1 second.


Salvaged from the crash of Corpus Obelisk on Europa, these Javelins are razor-sharp icicles that pierced through and stuck in various Corpus machinery. Dealing primarily Cold/Piercing damage each Javelin also deals about 9-12% (its random) bonus damage of random element with every hit - Electricity, Magnetic, Radiation, Gas, or Blast, as pieces of machinery fused with the ice explode, malfunction, or release contaminants. Low base damage, but decent critical and status chances. Require Cryotics, Scarp (from Fortuna fish), Circuits and Fieldron Samples (yes, samples) to craft.


Reverse-engineering Amalgam technology and Conculyst kill-codes paid off! Looking like sharpened Infested limbs, Brachicrai deal mostly impact/magnetic damage with moderate critical and status chances. On impact they stick to target for about 12 seconds. If a target is hit by Brachicrai's melee attack, it takes a decent amount of extra Magnetic damage for each Brachicrai javelin stuck to it. If a target dies with at least 5 Brachicrai stuck to it, an unstable Tenno-aligned Brachiolist spawns in its place, attacking enemies with Electric bolts for about 10 seconds. Obviously designed against higher-level tougher enemies, that can survive a few shots. Blueprints presumable provided by either Alad V or Little Duck, in some form or shape. Possibly Disruption? Require an Exceptional Sentient Core to craft.


A set of Infested bone spikes, with fanged little holes in their sides. These Javelins deal fairy low Piercing damage and have low punch-through on throw and zero punch-through on melee stab, but cause guaranteed Slash procs. Low ammo pool is offset by chance to replenish ammo with a melee stab, as the javelins literally feed on enemies' blood to replenish their amount. Require a suitably disgusting chomping/sucking sound for melee strike.



Zaw Parts





Just a small list of ideas that I think would be nice to have in Railjack.

Two notes: so far I mostly avoided Corpus stuff, 'cos Corpus is already coming, and second, since Void Hole spam is the single most boring gameplay style in the entire game, I'm ignoring its existence. Some of these ideas would be OP combined with Void Hole, others would be made redundant by it, but I don't care.

Also the intention is not just to give more variety in firing style and flavour , but also to make RJ playstyle more mixed up (alternative ways to fight Crewships, builds that actually benefit from overheat, etc) as well as find a use for classic Warframe resources and factions, bringing original Warframe and Empyrean closer together.

Here goes.

I'll add concept arts later.





You know Javlok capacitors? Drop from prominent enemies of Grineer Shipyard, are used for exactly one weapon that is not particularly popular, and accumulate in thousands... I think it makes perfect sense to make RJ cannons out of them. Would give them a use and explain why they are found in Grineer Shipyards, when no unit actually uses them. Also required Detonite Injectors to craft.

So, Javroxx, looks like basically quad Javloks, beefed up with extra tech. Medium fire rate (kinda like Kuva Ayanga is speed), a bit longer range than Cryophon, with a bit higher projectile speed. High Incendiary damage, projectiles explode on impact, although radius is small enough that it rarely matters. Unique feature would be faster overheat with a bit longer cooldown, however the last projectile you fire at 99% overheat would travel faster, farther, deal about 50% more damage and explode in respectable AoE, leading to some interesting gameplay, and potentially even overheat-oriented RJ build.


Another grineer-style gun, consisting of two crude metal coils, acting as railguns, firing big serrated harpoons with attached explosive. High range, decent projectile speed, but not too fast. Slowish fire-rate, huge heat capacity. Harpoons impacting enemy ships deal minimal Particle damage, but after 2 seconds attached explosives explode in a cloud of shrapnel dealing moderate damage in massive radius. Note that they don't explode if harpoon doesn't impact anything. Damage comes from multiple overlapping shrapnel explosions, not best weapon against single targets.

Requires Detonite Injectors and LOTS of Salvage to craft, representing explosives and shrapnel.


What's better than a Grakata? TWOOO GRAKATA! And what's better than two Grakata? Why, of course four of them mounted on a spaceship! Crafted out of TWO Twin Grakatas (expensive, yeah), Mograkatax has low damage per shot and low range, as well as poor accuracy, crit and status, compensated by absolutely IMMENSE rate of fire, high projectile speed and large heat capacity. More of a melee weapon or a defensive tool to create protective screen against Crewship missiles and ramsleds. Clem!


Crafted out of Orvius parts (among other things, such as lot of Auroxium, due to its Orokin look) this gun launches bouncing discs, which bounce between enemy fighters, automatically homing onto subsequent targets. The moment you heat overheat all discs still in flight charge up, suspending fighters they hit in stasis for two seconds (this also destroys the disks).

Jat Bredd and/or Nox Bredd

Another grineer-style gun, this one has rate, range and other firing stats identical to Cryophon. However projectiles are nothing similar. Jat/Nox Bredd projectiles deal no damage of their own and don't stop when hitting anything. Instead they leave long wide clouds of lingering Incendiary or Chem damage. Requires Grokdrul and Thermal Sludge to craft.


The only Corpus-style gun in here, Nemesorr fires slowly and overheats fast. Instead of traditional projectiles it releases Nemes drones, that either lock onto targets if Nemesorr was aimed very precisely, or fly erratically. Not exactly most powerful gun, this one is more defensive or crowd control tool. Nemes drones shoot at nearby enemy fighters dealing light Ionic damage, and draw enemy fire. If not shot down, Nemes drones expire in about 30 seconds. Would be useful to distract Crewship fire if the Railjack is not tough enough yet, or draw fire away from players with weak Archwings. Requires many Command Modules, Exa Brains and Thermal Lasers to craft.

Markergun (couldn't think of a cool name)

Good fire rate, projectile speed, and range, high heat capacity. Very low Ionic damage. Markergun fires small glowing darts that remain in enemies for 15 seconds. Hitting an enemy affected by Markergun darts with any Ordnance or Forward Artillery consumes the darts increasing damage of the shot by 2% per dart.

Blueprint sold by Rood Zood in Fortuna for 100k standing, requires Neural Relays, Comms and Anoscopic Sensors.






Another cannon requiring Javlok Capacitors, in addition to Detonite Injectors and Gallus Rods, Javregar unleashes a single fiery lance, that flies forward radiating an aura of Incendiary damage with high status chance. After reaching maximum range or impacting something the lance explodes, creating a large persistent cloud of Incendiary damage.


Releases a wide short cone of Frost damage that persists for about 6 seconds after the the shot, slowing enemy ships and blocking enemy projectiles. Requires a lot of Cryotics and maybe even Frost parts to craft.


Fires a projectile similar to small Orokin Death Orb. After reaching set distance (not very large) the orb stops, manifests 6 long laser beams (like Death Orb, but with vertical axis too) and performs an erratic spin in random directions on all three axises, before disintegrating. Deals very high damage, but due to erratic nature of the spin may have trouble hitting anyone. Can't finish Crewships off, but deals heavy damage to them too.

This Orokin weapon requires Orokin Cells, Auroxium, and Parallel Biodes to craft.


Fires a hitscan beam which deals almost no damage, but yanks a fighter towards the Railjack, potentially smashing it against the hull. For purposes of Particle Ram and the intrinsic ram Railjack counts as moving when yanked target impacts it. Crewships are not yanked due to their weight, but their engines glitch out for about 1.5 seconds, allowing for an easy Forward Artillery shot.


Nemesorr's big brother, Carabusorr fires a missile that looks like small recolored ram-sled, which flies a short distance and explodes releasing a cloud of 12 Carabus drones which lock onto nearby targets (if any present) and start shooting them. Behave much like Nemes drones, but deal more damage, Plasma instead of Ionic, and lack shields, making them more fragile.


For people who like ramming things and think Particle Ram is not enough. Firing Narwhal manifests a short spinning cone of energy from Ordnance gun, which persists for 3 seconds dealing massive damage to anything in contact. Hits again Crewships have a chance to cause decompression killing all the crew on board and making Crewship unpressurized (like parts of infested ships).


Fires a serrated lance of infested bone with heavy damage and massive punchtrough against Fighters. If it hits an unshielded Crewship though, it shatters releasing 6 Maggots inside, which attack the crew. If all crew dies and there at least 12 maggots on board, they start infesting the Crewship. It stops firing, becomes impossible to enter, as Infested growth covers the entrance. After 16 seconds the infestation damages the reactor and the Crewship explodes.


Don't you hate it when you run out of Revolite? Just no luck with Diode/Pustrel drops, and then you have nothing to fix a major breach with, aaaand mission over. Look no further!

Firing a slowish projectile that also looks a bit like a small ramsled, but with Grineer worker chainsaw blades attached, Cerion has ulimited punchthrough and deals heavy damage to fighters. Any fighter destroyed this way drops a Revolite cache, which replenishes a small amount of Revolite (~15) when picked up. If it hits an unshielded Crewship, it attaches to it instead, becoming vulnerable and drawing enemy fire. If it survives for 10 seconds, it explodes, dealing extra moderate damage to the Crewship and dropping a big cache of Revolite (~50) with a small chance of restoring Ordnance, Forward Artillery, Flux Energy or additional Revolite.






Fighter Deploy

Slot: 3

Flux Cost: 100

Does your Archwing suck? Are you sick to death of using Amesha in RJ? Want to just see something new? Fighter Deploy spawns 4 small tenno fighters around the Orbiter. These fighters don't do anything on their own, but an Archwing-riding Tenno can interact with one, boarding it. Fighters sport 1k health and 3k shields, lack abilities and blink, but are pretty fast and armed with something like a mix between Grattler and Acceltra. If a fighter is destroyed, Tenno disembarks it (with Archwing) perfectly safe and with 1 second of invulnerability.

Unmanned fighters despawn 20 seconds after spawning or Tenno disembarking.

Clarification - they are simply mounts, like Dargyn, not interiors like Crewship.

Arbiters' Aid

Slot: 2

Flux Cost: 75

Can only be used on Crewships. Blasts a Crewship with a beam of magenta light, spawning a hidden dormant Arbiter Drone inside (identical to Arbitration Drones). The moment a Tenno enters the crewship the Drone reveals itself and projects its protective aura onto the Tenno, giving even the least suited warframe about 15 seconds to hack and destroy the reactor. (The Drone draws fire of about half the Grineer on board, which it should survive for roughly 15 seconds. Other half of Grineer are too dumb and keep trying to shoot the invulnerable Tenno.)

Purchased from Arbitrations vendor for about 75 Vitus Essence.

Infested Shell

Slot: 1

Flux Cost: 80

Cooldown: 120 seconds

Wraps the Railjack in cocoon of Infested flesh (covered in spiked, eyes, and other nasty things) which absorbs 6000 damage (has no armor). Lasts 30 seconds or until damage absorption is expended. During that time Tenno can only enter/leave the Railjack using teleportation or Archwing Slingshot, all breaches are suspended, turrets and ordnance are disabled, and Railjack speed is reduced by 30%. Forward Artillery still works, but firing it immediately ends the effect of Infested Shell in nice fiery SFX.

Void Grab

Slot: 3

Flux Cost: 100 + 5/s

Creates a tendril of Void energy that slowly extends in cursor's direction, draining energy. If it touch an unshielded Crewship, it latches onto it for 1 second, after which it teleport the entire crew into Railjack's main room, stunning them for 2 seconds. Risky, but allows for quick slaughter and easy comandeering.

If the tendril touches a fighter, the ability ends, the fighter is immediately destroyed, and a generic Gokstad Pilot (in case of Cutter/Flak/Taktis) or a pair of Pilot and Gokstad Officer (in case of Outrider) are teleported into main room and stunned.

In either case, Cy comments disapprovingly about letting the enemy aboard.

Has no effect on Galleons or stations.

Lightspeed Ram

Slot: 2

Flux Cost: 100

The Railjack is slowed by 50% for 5 seconds as energy begins visibly accumulating around it. When 5 seconds pass, the Railjack immediately dashes 5 kilometers forward, dealing massive damage to anything in its path, destroying fighters and potentially Crewships. If Fiery Phoenix is active, it leaves an even bigger hotter trail.

If RJ encouters a decent-sized piece of terrain in its path during the dash (e.g. an asteroid the size of RJ itself, or the Galleon, or something), the dash immediately ends and the Railjack suffers a Major Breach.

Having purple hair may or may not contribute to the effectiveness of this ability.


Thursby's Revenge

Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Spawns a swarm of 8 Fortuna Moa Specters (2 of each kind, using various Moa abilities) that fight the boarders for 40 seconds. Should be roughly capable of taking down one regular boarding party on their own. (i.e. at the end of the fight 1-2 half-dead moa or grineer should still be standing every time) Sold by Legs in Fortuna for 100k standing.





Black Bolarola Scale Cloak

Described by Biz by being popular among Grineer higher-ups' formal wear, it is not seen in game - as are most such lore tidbids. So here's the idea. A Kuva Lich may spawn with a Black Bolarola Scale Cloak (about same chance as Ephemera, but element-agnostic), which is acquired if the Lich is defeated (converted Lich no longer has the cloak). Cloak itself cannot be used directly, though it can be traded normally. In addition the cloak has a reaaaaaaally low chance of dropping from any Grineer planetary boss, or new rare Grineer Poacher mob in Orb Vallis (looking like Drekar Ballista with some attachments). The players have two options then:

1) Take the cloak to someone in Cetus - ideally a new NPC, but Nakak will suffice - to have the cloak remade either into Warframe Syandana / Armor (depending on design. the way I envision it, it should be one-arm armor) or Operator Sleeve. Talking to the Business while wearing it must get negative comments from him.

2) Take the cloak to Biz, who thanks you for bringing justice for hunting Bolarolas and awards you Animatronic Bolarola Floof. Animatronic Bolarola wanders around your Orbiter, kinda like a Roomba, but when a pet comes near it, Bolarola curls up, at which point it switches to Roller Floof behavior.


That's it for now. Will update later with concept arts and more ideas.

My other ideas: mission bloat, Empyrean integration, colonies.

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