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Corrupted Warframes (Cosmetic Skinbastille)


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I was just thinking about the new Corrupted Mods and really liked the idea of something Giving a bouns but with a price. Then I though it would be cool to have something like our Helmets, that when equiped would add a mutation to the Warframe also enchance a power.



Ex. 1


Warframe Nyx


Power: Mind Control 2 Uints at one time.

Negative: + Power Cost of power 30% more.


Ex. 2


Warframe Vaubun


Power: +10 Electrical Flate rate dmg to his Bastille

Negative: -3 secs to Duration


Like I said just a random idea wanted to throw out there... Wouldnt say these were balanced or anything just would be cool to enchance our powers in some way is all... while also adding a different look to warframes.


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