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Mobile Defense Satelittes don't take damage

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Did any enemies even make it to the satellite to attack it?  Having played a few rounds of Salacia yesterday to farm ALUs, it seemed like a pathing issue that wasn't allowing the enemies to make their way to the satellite.  I had to continually go and track down enemies to kill them for ALU drops.

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Same thing for me, 2 out of 5 runs (zero damage is new to me on PC). The slowness of the mobs is distressing since Razorback, we can defend a
satellite without defending anything because the mobs remain blocked, do not come or hardly come into contact: we often have to go back and hunt them (ie C ALU, mods, xp). 
It's + simple for a beginner who comes xp his stuff: so much the better. But it's so boring.

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