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Synapse 5 Forma Build



Crafted a new Volt and a new Synapse that is supposed to be done by tomorrow.

Any suggestion for a good Synapse build? I have plenty of forma so you guys can suggest how many times I must forma this weapon to maximize it completely. Please give me suggestion with the mods too.


Also, as everybody would guess, Volt Shield + Synapse = Red Crit and that's what I want. Question  Does FOCUS mod affect the damage outcome when the Synapse passed the electric shield? What can I put on my Volt to maximize his Electric Shield's damage and duration?

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All these mods must be maxed. Serration, Split Chamber, Vital Sense, Hammer Shot, Heavy Caliber.

Point strike only needs to be taken up to 7 to achieve 100% crit rate. Going over 100% does nothing.


This leaves you with 2 slots left. I personally Like to take a max Piercing Hit and a max Ammo Mutation mod cus I dont like using ammo boxes ( you could replace this with an elemental mod of your choice though. Electric for corpus and fire for infested/grineer). This gun is my favorite in the game.

You will need 4 'V' polarities and one '-' polarity for this build. Cheers.

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