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The Solo Trio: Nyx, Nekros, Vauban(?) - Questions



While I do have the master founder pack, I'm still very nooby to the game who has a lot of questions. I figured it would be easy for everyone if I just crammed them all into one post. I'll try my best to keep the post as neat and tidy as I can, so as to not cause confusion.


A big thing I want to be on Warframe is to be capable to solo late-endgame content. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind playing with pubs (in fact, several times they helped me get some rare mods I was having trouble getting alone), but I also don't want to rely 100% on them either in order to beat the later levels of the game. And no, I don't trust myself entirely on mod loadouts either. Thats why I'm here on the forums, asking about what are good frames designed for late-endgame soloing.


A friend who helped me get into Warframe had told me Vauban was a good start and after watching him and a few pubs play that frame, I was quite enamored. I love the concept of using teslas, they're like auto-turrets, yet they're not auto-turrets. My friend told me Vauban was good at soloing lategame, but his greatest strength came in his fourth ability since enemies tend to get stronger than teslas halfways through the game.


So my question is simple: Is Vauban itself considered a viable frame for soloing throughout the game?


My next question involves Nyx. The same friend of mine also mentioned Nyx for soloing. In fact, he gave a glowing recommendation for her on account of her chaos ability as nothing clears a room of level 80+ mobs faster than if they killed themselves. I've also played with pubs who used Nyx, however it was usually during Apollo and E Gate runs so I don't know the full extent of her power from lack of data.

So these two questions are simple: Is Nyx considered a great, if not vital, frame for soloing lategame? And is it better to buy the frame with platinum or try and obtain from killing the boss?


And my next questions concern Nekros. My friend couldn't tell me much about Nekros, on account of him having no experience playing with him. From my experience playing with Nekros pubs in earlygame survival missions, I feel pretty sure that Nekros could handle lategame matches alone. After all, his fourth ability allows him to conjure shades of his previous victims which includes heavy units. And desecrate allows him to solo survival more safely by looting corpses.


So this one question is simple: Is Nekros a viable frame to solo late-endgame?


This next question is a little more complex: Is Nekros better obtained with platinum or killing J-2000 Golem (I'll call it J2K for convenience)?

Why is this question complex, according to me? I don't know whether I'm able to fight it with a team or not. My friend told me its extremely strong, but lurking on the forum says its also very easy if you know what to do.


Here is the best build I have right now:

- Rank 30 Vauban - Potatoed - 10 mod capacity remaining

- Rank 30 Excalibur Prime - Potatoed (alternative choice)

Frame Mods Installed:

- Max rank Energy Siphon
- Max rank Tesla
- Max rank Focus

- Rank 5 Redirection

- Rank 5 Vitality

- Max rank Vortex

- Max rank Master Thief

- Max rank Flow

- Max rank Streamline

- Max rank Stretch



- Rank 30 Dera - Potatoed - 7 mod capacity remaining

Primary Mods Installed:

- Max rank Shred

- Rank 4 Serration

- Rank 4 Stormbringer

- Max rank Ammo Drum

- Max rank Piercing Hit

- Rank 4 Point Strike (reserving for soma later, but I might as well use it while I have capacity available)



- Rank 20 Kunai - Potatoed - Polarized previously - 3 mod capacity remaining

Secondary Mods Installed:

- Rank 5 Hornet Strike

- Max rank Barrel Diffusion

- Rank 1 Seeker

- Max rank Ice Storm

- Max rank Lethal Torrent

Secondary Mods Uninstalled (will use when space is available):

- Rank 2 gunslinger

- Rank 4 No Return

- Rank 3 Heated Charge



- Rank 30 Orthos - No'tato - 3 mod capacity remaining

Melee Mods Installed:

- Max rank Pressure Point

- Rank 4 North Wind

- Rank 2 Rending Strike


So I'll save you the time of scrolling back up by asking this: With the build I listed, if I partied up with pubs (or my friend and his friends), will I be able to be of any use to my team when fighting J2K?


And in case anyone is curious to know: Yes, I have enough platinum to buy both Nyx and Nekros off the market.

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i'm not an expert about those frames so i'll let the criticizing and comments for others but i can say that 1 frame that normally is always considered viable is rhyno


though i do have some knowledge of vauban and from my knowledge he might have trouble solo on the highest stuff, though i might be wrong too


However for lephantis (the one you called J200-golem which is the old name) a good weapon is the main thing you need really since most abilities wont affect it

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i'm not an expert so i'll let the criticizing and comments for others but i can say that 1 frame that normally is always considered viable is rhyno

Yes, my friend also gave that frame a glowing recommendation as well on account of its iron skin ability. Considering how easy it is to obtain compared to the two mentioned frames in my OP (not counting Vauban of course), I didn't list him.

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Basically, if you're smart with a Nyx you will -never- die. You can build her to be super paranoid with energy conserving mods, enemy radar, stretch and pop chaos anytime you see a few red dots....or skip enemy radar entirely and just use your ears and caution. But like I said, super paranoid. I never use it myself.

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Solid weapons are more important in my opinion.

I have maxed all the frames so here are my favorite choices.

I solo with Trinity quite often and honestly find her the easiest to use. If you master her skill rotation, and mod her right, you're almost always invincible and you always have energy. Trinity would be my first choice.


Nyx is solid pure and simple. Her mind control skill tends to be more useful to me than her chaos when it comes to soloing normal missions. However, with chaos you can even solo t3 defence missions. It just might take a while lol. Nyx is my #2.


If your patient, Loki is actually very capable of soloing late game content. And my #3.


Rhino is great too, but on high end content his iron skin starts to wear and tear a lot easier. Still a good choice though. #4.

And if you're soloing take the shade sentinel. He will save your &#! numerous times.

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Rhino - General-Purpose / Nightmare Mode

Frost (or Frost Prime) - Grineer Defense / Grineer Survival / Corpus Defense / Corpus Survival / Mobile Defense / Void Defense

Vauban - Infested Defense / Infested Survival / Infested Mobile Defense / Derelict Defense / Derelict Survival

Once adequately equipped, I find this to be the holy trio for conveniently solo'ing anything. Throw in a Volt spec'd for max duration and power efficiency if you want to quickly run bosses for rare resources, but Rhino can still do the job admirably with Vanguard + Rush.

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Assuming by "end game" content you mean the higher level missions in Pluto, Ceres, etc, I would say that a few things need to be kept in mind - the enemies at those levels, as it stands now, are capable of ripping through even the highest level shields and health in a moment's notice, especially when in packs.  And you will always encounter packs, because "stealthing" though high level content is impractical still.  The aforementioned issues will also be concerns on the "other" form of end game content, Endless D, Survival, Void Tier 3, etc.


Therefore in my humble opinion (and I do solo high level content, for the challenge) the best way to solo that content is to reduce damage incoming in some fashion - either by damage immunity/resistance, or not being able to be attacked.  Most frames have abilities that play into that, so find one you like.  That said, in regards to your question about those three I would definitely say Nyx.  IMO Nyx can be a real struggle to play with in pick-up groups, because it doesn't seem people know how to take advantage of Nyx, or don't care to.  BUT all those same reason make Nyx fantastic in solo-play.  Vauban can work solo against Infested, but I find he still eats too much damage against anything with range.  Nekros can do okay based on the use of Terrify and Shadows, but again neither really helps against powerful ranged units sniping you with hitscan weapons.


So go with Nyx.  If you need some tips and/or tricks on how to use Nyx, message me.

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