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Cannot Increase Capacity


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I am sure this has been asked and answered in here somewhere but I couldn't find it.


I was just in my dojo and noticed that there are no rooms I can build to increase my capacity. I have built all the halls already but because you cannot build multiple of them anymore you are stuck with what you got?


From patch 10.3.0 notes:


"Fixed issue where Clans could build more than one of the same Clan Halls."

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Ah no wonder I could not find that option anymore. :( 

It would be lovely to get it back for decoration reasons... the capacity of [10] in other rooms isn't enough to add some life to them and so far only Grandest Hall has acceptable space cap [57?]. Additionally, why the need to remove such option? I see no harm for the Dojo to be able to add multiple clan halls if capacity is needed. 


I just find it neat if other Clans can flesh out their Dojos with its own style. With the limit right now on decorations and now no option into making duplicate Clan Halls, it seems a bit tight to let the Architect's imagination become a realization. 


Suggestion: Either have the option to make Clan Hall duplicates back or raise the cap more than [10] to the other rooms ( in particular Clan Halls) so our Dojo can be fabulous. It would also help so as to add more functional rooms for the clan mates to use. :D  



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