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Shift Tab (Steam Overlay) And F12 (Screenshot) Not Working Without Dx11


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Recently I have disabled DX11 from the Launcher because I --like others --have suffered from crashes with it enabled since the last few hotfixes and/or patches.


However, the Steam Overlay and Steam Screenshot do not work with DX11 disabled.


Steam Overlay and Screenshot are working in every other Steam game.


I have tried Fullscreen ticked and unticked from launcher as well as Fullscreen, Borderless Fullscreen within the game itself. Enabling DX11 from the Launcher is the only way to get the Steam Overlay and Screenshot functions working in game.


Has anyone else encountered this problem recently or can replicate it by disabling DX11 from the Launcher?


Win7x64 (updated), nvidia GTX660 (320.49)



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For me I cant use shift tab too with 64bits option on. If I deactivate 64bits option with Dx11 off too (because Dx11 on and 64bits off crash my game) then the shift tab works...


On past patches I can use this option and do screenshots fine... but now it doesnt

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bump de bump...


Just got a new laptop Win8 x64 with 2x nVidia GT 750M's in SLI... on my old laptop (Win7 x86 with int gfx) the overlay and screenshots worked just fine. With this new laptop, no dice. Checked the settings, everything is "good", just the way it i supposed to be, yet I can not take screenshots nor activate the overlay or even see Steam PMs popping up (I can hear the sound, just no pop-up in the lowe right corner of the screen). In TF2, these all work just fine.


So, it is a Warframe thing, and it looks to be tied to either x64 OS, or nVidia gfx cards. Bummer. I am a screenshot-ho and it bugs me to no end to not be able to screenshot my WF life anymore.  :'(


Need a fix! Now, puh-leeeeze!!!

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