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More Euro Filters


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Simply Europe plus Russia has more time zones than US yet you lump everyone together and the further east we go the worse the internet if they host.  So at least add a West Europe / East Europe / Russia filter splitting the current Europe filter into 3

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I'm not trying to be racist here. But everytime I join a game where all the text are in Russian, it lags like hell. Everytime I go to a game where people aren't very good and does everything bad, they ONLY talk Russian, in which they can't listen to your advice.. Everytime I meet a Russian player that aren't good at the game, they ONLY speak Russian and not english.


Russians are VERY difficult to play with in general. Of course I don't DISLIKE Russians, but they don't mix well with us. It's impossible to communicate and they usually host laggy games because the distance is so huge.


Also, 9/10 people Ive played with, that has given me a remark such as "F**k you", "A**hole", "noob f*ggot" etc, has come from someone who later said "f*ck you Im russian".....And usually the remarks comes randomly for no reason


So yeah, please add a filter.

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You can put a ping limit settings and the problem will be solved) (google translator)

Its already getting worse at 50ms and the max limit u can select is 100...




Nah,its not racist.

We all know how you feel bro.

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