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How To Enter Them?



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how do we get to orikin vaults?


to be more straight forward than most of the people posting here, you first have to buy a Orikin Derelict key in the market and the craft said key in the foundry. Before you use said key make sure you have bought and crafted one of the 4 Dragon keys. (keep in mind they require a void key so they may be costly for new players). Make sure the dragon key is in your gear selection in the arsenal menu and once you know it's in there THEN you can go to the Orikin Derelict (OD for short). Once inside, look around at the rooms and see if you see a door that looks like this:







then if you have the right dragon key (remember there are 4 of them) you can open the door and (after completing the mission) gain a corrupted mod

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