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Trinity Prime Vault Accessories Pack Clarification

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With the announcement of Trinity Prime and Nova Prime returning from the Vault, we missed the inclusion of the ‘Prime Gene Masking Kit’ in the Trinity Prime Accessories pack. So we are doing just that!

When the Prime Vault opens Tuesday, May 26th on all Platforms the ‘Prime Gene Masking Kit’ will be available in both the Trinity Prime Pack AND the Trinity Prime Accessories Pack. A logical and fitting combo with the ‘Kavasa Kubrow Prime Armor’ already being part of the Accessories Pack. 

We had established way back in the day that the ‘Prime Gene Masking Kit’ was indeed an Accessory Pack item (2015 to be precise) when Trinity Prime Access first was available, so we are maintaining that trend with Trinity Prime’s return from the Vault!

For our Console Tenno, the Trinity Prime Accessories Pack description on launch will not have these items listed in the stores. Rest assured that the items will be delivered to your account upon purchasing. The description will be updated and corrected at a later date to list the ‘Prime Gene Masking Kit’’. 

Thank you! 

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1 hour ago, (PS4)Zero_the_Hero05 said:

can someone help the in the ps4 there is no nova prime access pack or accessories pack on its own but there is the trinity packs and the dual pack can someone help me out?

There was a separate post stating they’re aware of the lack of Nova Prime Accessories and are looking into it.

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