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Sentinel Using The Same Mod As A Weapon Ui Problem.


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Ok, tell me WHY you guys decided to move the warning when you are trying to exit the Arsenal place? :/


It's like me going to a store buying milk and only being told at the checkout I can't take that milk because it's someone else and now I have to go back and switch for a milk that isn't being used. I could still have more conflicting mods but it'll only tell me when I'm about to leave.


WHY did you make it worse? Why can't you just make those mods invisible or mark them with a different color when it's being used by the Sentinel OR why not just warn right away before throwing it into the weapon?


It boggles my mind how you guys make some things worse when the solution is pretty straight forward. You're supposed to make it BETTER not worse.


Here are some easy ways to do it.


1: Warn right away.


2: Make it to a different color and warn people right away.


3: Make mods used by the Sentinel hidden when upgrading normal weapons.



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