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Mag Pull Glitching Mobs


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So, I was having tons of fun Pulling Ancients in the abyss (to their death) behind the cryopod on Xini with my Mag Prime.


Then I started noticing that there were no more enemies in sight but sentinels kept shooting at some places.


Most of those places were easily visible at the times because the mob was Primed by a Nova, but some other places were just detectable by the Sentinel's shooting.


I took some pics below, ignore the green mist (it's a gift from an Toxic killed a few seconds before), the red circles are the effect from a Nova's Prime ability






The only way to get the mobs to appear again was to go in range and Pull again. Then they would "appear" from the exact spot those effects were seen, and ragdoll around as normal.


For the ones without the Prime, they just appeared from a spot where the Sentinel was shooting at.



So, I think it's a bug.

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