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New Ability For Nekros


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I want to start this thread by talking about merging of 'Terrify' and 'Shadows of the Dead' together so there would be space for the new ability. The idea behind both of the abilities is great, but Terrify would be much more useful if we were able to spam it. It does shoo the enemies away for a short time, but after maximum of 10 seconds there will be bunch of non-terrified enemies trying to kill me, which makes the ability almost useless. Another thing which I cannot understand is that what Nekros actually does to terrify the enemies. He waves his hands in air for couple of second and suddenly all the enemies in a radius of 20 meters are afraid of him. Wat?


Now let's talk about the merged ability, ''Terrifying Shadows of the Dead'' (please, somebody invent a shorter name for it xD). Basically Nekros will summon the same number of enemy clones as before. The difference between this and the current SofD is that the clones will terrify the enemies. Enemies being scared of their undead clones makes much more sense than being scared of a fragile Warframe waving his hands in the air. Every clone would have 5/6/7/8-meter radius in which the enemies are terrified. The terrified enemies will act the same as currently, running away from the Tenno, having their undead clones after them.


The merged ability would compete much better with Nyx's Chaos. Nyx makes enemies fight themselves, and even the enemies that are not affected by Chaos will fight the affected ones. The ''Terrifying Shadows of the Dead'' would be doing almost the same by making affected enemies run away and the non-affected enemies would fight the undead clones.


Now the new ability. I haven't thought a name for it yet, but this is how it should work: Nekros will summon bunch of undead hands from the ground, grabbing the enemy from their feet, staggering (similar to Saryn's miasma) or slowing down the enemy and damaging them. The damage shouldn't be that much because Nekros is more of a support Frame, so I thought 70/80/90/100 damage per tick would be good. The duration of the ability could be 4/6/8/10 seconds. Ticks will occur every 4 seconds. At ranks 2 and 4 there would only be 1,5 and 2,5 ticks, but that would be rounded up to 2 and 3 ticks. Ultimately, the total damage for each rank will be 70/160/180/300 (first tick will occur after the enemies are being staggered for 4 seconds, not at the moment when player casts the ability). I think that a good radius for the ability would be 7/8/9/10 meters, and the number of enemies affected is the same as the clones created with SotD, 4/5/6/7.

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