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Thebluemangroup Is Recruiting


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TheBlueManGroup is welcoming new people to the clan. Currently armed with 20 active members, we hunt for more. We wish to grow to the top!



-A very cool clan dojo, updated to the last update

-All research

-Active members (Members inactive for more than 2 weeks will be kicked. We also have some real-life friends that are inactive, but we wish to keep them in the clan).

-We are always in to help people, like farming void or helping with a boss

-A Clan Emblem!

-Skype group calling

-(Almost) perfect English and Dutch

-We want to help you in any way. That doesn't mean we're urging to help you, but if you have questions or we have to help you with missions, we're glad to.

-We're planning to grow to moon in the future



-Be active. Once in two weeks is enough, but please keep playing warframe. Playing a game once a week, is viable, but we strongly disrecommend it.

-We do not care about your rank, as long as you are a nice person

-We accept both new and experienced players


-We have 3 ranks. 

     -Founder: Just for my and 1 friend. We kinda rule everything

     -Dedicated: Real-life friend. We see eachother after playing.

     -Soldiers: Everybody else

-This doesnt mean Soldiers dont have rights. They can still invite others and host the dojo, but all the other things are not neccesary.


If you like to join, please don't add me on Warframe, but leave a comment instead. Make sure you're not in a clan already.

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