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Problem With Matching Mods In Arsenal Ui & Sentinels


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I have two rank 5 Split Chambers.


In Arsenal, only one is shown because duplicates are hidden.


Therefore, I cannot choose which Split Chamber to load onto my Sentinel.


This is a problem because by default the one shown is the one that is currently equipped on my Lanka.


See the problem?


Same goes for Piercing Hit, Serration, et al.... 




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When you go back to "planet grid" thing... the system will ask you if it will automatically resolve your problem between the weapon you are using and your sentnel is using...

edit: anyway i agree... with what you said OP

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Yes, it does offer to auto resolve. But it doesn't equip my "other" Split Chamber (or other mod). Instead, it equips the next available one that is visible. So I get my rank 4 Split Chamber instead of my other rank 5 Split Chamber. 


Yes I play too much

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