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Tips On Defeating Stalker?



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i think if you kill a boss on a specific planet, lets say tyl regor, then hang around in random uranus maps or whatever planet you killed the boss in, he'll appear more often. Thats what i think anyways. Tips wise use ash or loki, invisible renders stalker useless. Just invis and shoot away!

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Kill more and more bosses. His spawn chance is likely to go higher as you kill more bosses.


As for the tips to kill him... Keep moving from cover to cover while shooting. His attacks will mostly insta-kill most frames without good mods. He's also immune to all crowd-control effects from all warframes. Just be really careful with this nasty stealthy black ninja dude and you'll be fine. :D


EDIT: Tenyu's advice can also be used. Go stealth on him and attack. I must warn you 'bout 1 thing though. He'll disappear if he doesn't see you for a certain limit of time. Tested this once.

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I recall someone having datamined his systems, and basically it went along the lines that if you killed a boss, any boss at all, you get a mark, this mark gives you a 5% chance that the stalker will appear in a non assassination mission, and once he has appeared it would lower the chance but Im not sure on that part. But simply, kill one boss and then do random non assassination missions till he shows, once he does kill another boss. And on another note for this the marks dont stack for one person, but you could have 4 people with a mark and have a 20% chance in a mission.


And this information may be outdated now but hope it helps.

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If you are solo and a stalker comes here are some frames I know will help you out;

Loki/Ash: invisibility (continuity and constitution)

Trinity: Blessing (works best with full continuity, constitution, and the aura helmet)

Rhino: iron skin (focus)

Frost: slow him to a crawl in your snow globe (continuity/constitution with maxed globe, it doesnt have to be very big)


other wise, if you cant get ontop of a box right then and you are still farming him, bring a Shade sentinel and it should hide you until you find a place to shoot him from


if no high places or boxes are present, you will have to juke him and simply run and fire but dont run in a straight line


he also LOVES the void for some reason.

and defense missions.

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