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I Love Bugframe!



I really love playing Bugframe. This is one of the hardest game ever.

So when I opened this app, it disguises itself as a program called Warframe.


Ok. So here's the story. I clicked on Xini to farm some fusion cores. On the center top of my screen, it says "ONLINE". When I clicked on Xini, I saw 9 guys are playing Xini. I waited and waited, and it's stil finding squad. After that, getting fed up, I tried to click that "ONLINE" big button on the top center of the screen to change it to solo.


After it changes to Solo, I clicked the button again. I pressed Enter. I tried to figure out how to play the stage. Then I went back to ONLINE, hoping that blue button on the top center of the screen changes to "PLAY NOW". It didn't work. I back the F**K up and click on a new planet to start a new stage.


What amazes me is that it didn't change! I clicked ONLINE and there am I, waiting for 1 vote. (That's what it says). I clicked Solo, yet I also couldn't start the stage.


Another feature is that : after constantly changing PING setting, configuring my Internet Connection, restarting and re-logging, this amazing application didn't change itself despite the changes I've made to its settings. Wow. Such a terrific application! I am deeply amazed by this game called Bugframe. I couldn't get into a single stage, just staring there in the planets of the solar system.


The worse thing that could ever happen to this wonderful game is that it is free. WHY IS IT FREE?? Those amazing features that I've mentioned above - it should be sold at the same price as GTA V. Heck, even they could double the price. I mean, those features mentioned above, can there be any better thing happening to a video game? This is by far the best game ever created. It has made a major breakthrough in matchmaking technology.


This is by far the best game I've ever seen. Bugframe 5/5 * * * * * TOP!!!

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It isn't the developer's fault.


It sort of is. Matchmaking and lobby setup is buggy as hell, and it does sort of fall on the Developers to fix it.


Now, that isn't to say that this long winded rant is justified (or that it even belongs in players helping players, this seems more like feedback). While there are some 'workarounds' for this issue (setting ping limit to the lowest setting, restarting game, changing region, etc), these sorts of workarounds shouldn't be necessary. 


Basically there needs to be a way to start a game as a host without looking for games already in progress (give the user a choice to start a mission from scratch as a host, or to look for a game in progress).

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