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Free-roam bounty completely broken after host migration

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As I reported last month in: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1171888-warframe-revised-bug-report-megathread-read-the-first-post/page/16/?tab=comments#comment-11418138

Originally noticed in both Orb Vallis and Plain of Eidolon. Happened again today in OV. Steps:

  • Select bounty, without a party
  • Enter free-roam, join existing party as client, not host
  • Complete bounty as usual
  • Trigger host migration, eg host leaves, or you select leave party

After the migration there should be no bounty active, but attempting to trigger a new one says there is one active, and often one or more bounty waypoints are visible, but they're fake and don't start or continue any bounty. As a result it's impossible to do any further bounties in that session. This bug has been a problem for months now.


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