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The Deadlock Protocol: RELEASING JUNE 11!


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By the Void, Tenno!

We now know early enough that The Deadlock Protocol is not shipping on PC this week! We have mentioned on the past 2 Devstreams that June was our Delay Buffer - and we’ll indeed need to use that buffer! Of course, we wanted to inform you of this as soon as possible to best keep you updated on current behind-the-scenes protocols. There’s lots to look forward to - including a new Warframe Quest for Protea - so this extra time will be spent readying this new content for your masterful hands! 

Thank you for understanding - and thank you for your patience!

image (5).png

EDIT: June is here, and launch week is here! We will be releasing Update 28: The Deadlock Protocol on PC this week (not today, though)! 

EDIT: Update 28: The Deadlock Protocol on PC will be released June 11!


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2 minutes ago, NightmareT12 said:

Thanks for keeping us posted. Will allow me to save some pics of old tileset just for the sake of comparing 😛

I know right, I'm actually getting rather sentimental about them today thinking about that while running some missions for Nightwave.

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Thank you for the heads-up!

Some more time for me to get things organized / sorted out (like primes to farm), so I don't mind it at all. 🙂

Continue to take care & stay safe over there! 👋

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44 minutes ago, Sintag said:

Well, damn.

Might as well borrow this space and ask you to pretty please just put the Machete BP back in the Market.

Or, if they absolutely don't want it back in the market, do it like the Gorgon (dropped from Heavy Gunners) and Boar (dropped from Troopers); have it be a drop from Scorpions.

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