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Dragon Frame


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Here is a concept for a frame:


Based loosely on Dragon-Style Martial Arts (can you tell, I'm not in any Martial Arts. I apologize for slaughtering it's concepts here) Dragon's abilities are a mixed bag of Fire-element and physics impact/blunt/whathaveyou damage types.


Base Stats:

Health: 200 ( At level 30: 570)

Power: 100 (175 At 30)

Armor: 55

Shields: 150 (470 at level 30)

Shield recharge: 10

Stamina: 15.0

Sprint Speed: 1.10


Standard 4 "Power" polarities.

Two Defensive polarities.

Aura Polarity is "V"


Basic Powers:


1.Sealed Scales:

Dragon is made up of several plates of armor. Upon activation, these plates come together to negate 50% laser damage, and 90% bullet damage. This however, makes the frame more susceptible to special and melee damage. I.E. Melee attacks on the frame gain 20% strength, all elemental/special damage gets a flat 30% boost. 50 power

2. Bladed Flight:

Dragon can move forward in a 3-Dimensional space, he will ragdoll anyone on the way until he reaches the end of his power, where he does a blunt damage of (base) 175. This attack can go anwhere the user can aim their crosshairs, but only so far as the extent of the power. Furthermore, Stretch has no effect on this attack to avoid exploits. 75 power

3. Tail Swipe:

Though this frame has no tail, it will spin around very quickly, insta-gibbing anything within one meter of it. A small shockwave ragdolls surrounding enemies within 3 meters, dealing a base of 2000 damage for the 1-meter and 125 for anything beyond. Stretch only modifies shockwave distance, at full strength, the shockwave can hit up to xxx (doing calculations) meters. 100 Power

4. UBER TYME: Falling Skies (Need a better name x.x):

Dragon does a super-cool Fire + Blunt Damage AOE that works for 25 meters. Basic damage for both is 270. Casting animation lasts for about 3 seconds. All enemies that are not insta-gibbed are ragdoll'd (sorry for all of the ragdoll, I just can't think of anything better atm) and fire damage continues for 20 seconds. This costs 150 power, and all of dragons attacks are less powerful for the duration of that 20 seconds.


Concept Art:

Basic Frame:

Though Apparently this frame is doomed to failure because it has the AUDACITY to use fire.




Casting animations:

To be added.

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Ember does fire damage.


Yes, because we all want One-trick-Pony frames and they all must do ONE thing and nothing else.


You stopped at fire damage, didn't you?





Indeed. This is meant to be a mini Rhino, just more agile, and less defensible.


I find Ash quite squishy, and only slightly improved his base stats. If you have suggestions to make it better, then let's hear them.

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Okay, find me an In-game element that isn't already done by another frame. I'll change it to that then.

It could be a combination is what I meant. But if they chose to do a warframe like this, they could introduce a new element too. Maybe they could add air?

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I account for Air as Blunt, because what it comes down to is invisible blunt/physics damage of some persuasion.


I would like to point out that I hate making DE do unnecessary work in my concepts, that is why I add two types of damage that exist already. Furthermore, they are more predictable than a new element altogether. Less coding errors, which are easily fixed, and the like.


Also, when I think dragon, I think mass-destruction and fire, which is what I try to reciprocate here.

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It could be a combination is what I meant. But if they chose to do a warframe like this, they could introduce a new element too. Maybe they could add air?

You're just copying Zephyr here. Same dmg and theme. Why is there not warframe who control ... blood for instance? Or darkness?

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