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UI Theme - Misleading Lighting in preview (i.e. how I wasted 50 plat)


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What I had:



What I expected:
(preview menu, before purchase)




What I got:
(actual appearance, after purchase)


The additional lighting of the different UI themes is not reflected when previewing. This is heavily misleading-- the preview theme (2nd image) still used the lighting of the "currently equipped" theme (1st image), rather than its actual lighting (3rd image).


For those curious: when you open up the Options menu and your character kneels in front of this background, your character's lighting is based on the environment they're in (e.g. if your character is standing on top of a blue underglow, then that will still be present). But, different UI themes appear to add their own "additional lighting" sources:

  • Vitruvian (default) does not appear to modify lighting.
  • Nidus theme adds a hard white light over the character's head.
  • I'm too afraid to test anything else, because these "additional lighting" sources cannot be previewed.




  1. Simply fix the bug. Let each UI theme display its actual "additional lighting" when previewed.
  2. Allow lighting to be selected independently of background theme, for added flexibility. (Bonus points if the lighting+theme are applied to the player's Profile when viewed by others.)
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