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Eidolon Vomvalysts move much slower since Update 27.4

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Update 27.4 had listed as one of the bugs fixed:  https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1189247-warframe-revised-railjack-revisited-part-1-update-274

  • Fixed certain instances where Sentients would stand still. and not do or attack anything.

You can clearly see that there is a big difference in movement speed between the first and second clip in this video.

Yes I am aware that the first clip was taken before the Plains of Eidolon rework, however, it is incredibly difficult to find a good quality clip of someone observing vomvalysts while they are moving, since nobody ever thought to record it, as it was working as intended until Update 27.4.

There are multiple spots that vomvalysts can spawn near a lure, and I've tried my best to make sure that the 2nd (new) clip has the vomvalysts spawn almost exactly the same distance away from the lure as the first one. The actual spawn locations in relations to the lure positioning seem to not have changed with the rework.

The timer in the bottom right, counts the time between the vomvalysts spawning (freeze frame with blue flash) and the exact frame that the lure connects visually to the vomvalyst with the white line.

The first clip ends with a time of 6.16s where as the second clip takes over 10 seconds longer and ends with a time of 17.11s.

I have done well over 100 different tests in different locations, not to mention the 3000-4000 Hydrolyst captures I've done since this bug got introduced. I've played with and without the "Untracable"  Parazon mod and my conclusion is that this mod does not affect the speed at which the vomvalysts move at all. Because of this, I opted to use a clip with the mod equipped, as it shows what's going on more clearly and allows me to not get knocked out of archwing by the grineer in the camp.



There was a attempted fix in Update 28.1.0  https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1205630-the-steel-path-update-2810

  • Fixed Vomvalysts appearing to move slower than usual.

However, as you can see by my continued updates to this thread, it is definitely not fixed.

This has lead me to speculate as to why this bug exists and I think I came up with a plausible explanation that might warrant further investigation.

From what I've seen, most enemies seem to have both a walking and a running state when moving from current to desired position. This usually depends on the alert level of the enemy. Generally you only see enemies running if they are in a fully alerted state, or if they have some other special objective to accomplish, like when the player walks undetected to extraction without killing any enemies in an exterminate mission.

I believe that there is either an error occurring in the transitioning between the normal and alerted state of the vomvalyst AI, or that the alerted state does not give the vomvalyst the correct movement state.




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Added more in depth explanation.
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OUTDATED VIDEO! Check original post.

Here is a more detailed comparison video between the old and the new vomvalyst speed.
Unfortunately I could not find something better than this to show the old speed, since nobody ever bothered to record it as it worked as intended.


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outdated video
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This might not be a bug, we don't even bother to stop those guys anymore, just build combo on the deemer upto 12x while they full heal it then one shot it

Has anything been done about the fact/bug that when they do fall behind they seem to get unlimited range to sheild the eidolon? Seems like the actual issue at hand here is no 75m limit on vomvalyst sheilding

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