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Eidolon Vomvalysts move much slower since Update 27.4

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26 minutes ago, RazerXPrime said:

Persistent... Are you checking the hotfixes too or are you just bumping this thread? I mean it's a game breaking bug so I get it :)

I always read the patchnotes.

And I do eidolon hunts basically every day, so I know if they actually fixed it or not.

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Here we are.
May 1st 2021. Exactly 1 year after Update 27.4 which introduced this bug.
I'm not sure how this is still not fixed.
This is a major issue for anyone doing Eidolons, from your new player to your veteran with thousands of hydrolyst captures under their belt.
How on earth is a new player supposed to charge lures during the heal phase when the vomvalysts don't even get close to the eidolon.
You have to actively search them out, sometimes in rather obscure locations that no new player would know.
And on the higher levels of play, you still have to search them out, because you end up being to fast to charge any lures with just naturally spawning Vomvalysts.

Also, how on earth, was there an attempted fix in Update 28.1.0 but it did not fix anything.
Did anyone even test that "fix"? Did the developer that made this "fix" actually do anything?
Because there certainly is no difference in the movement speed.
And why has there been no followup, despite me posting an update to this thread right after the update, saying that the bug is still not fixed?
I have even posted my own suggestions and theories on how this bug might work, based off my own observations and expirience with the game.

It's honestly so frustrating, to see a major bug like this just being completly ignored.

I will continue to update this thread until the bug gets fixed or the game stops being supported by the developers.
Expect to see it in the top of the list in the bug report section after every Update and Hotfix.

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