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Disconnect/crash = No Loot/exp


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This is starting to be annoying. In last two days i got 4x crash & 3x DC in 1+ hours Defense/Survival, that mean i've wasted 7+ hours of my playtime without any profit.


Ther is a lot of thing that can be done to prevent this.


In example my suggestion:


1) if you are not host and crashed/disconnected:


Host have information about EXP/Loot that you've got and after mission end person who disconnected rewared based on this data with or without mission reward.


2) If you are host & crashed/disconnected:


If it's normal missions where migration available then old host will be rewarded based on info of this new host after mission end(like in first point). If it's Void Key mission then everyone include host will be rewarded with exp&drop only, based on clients data.

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The game client should store the info about the match and submit it to the server when it connects the next time.


I think that's what you're suggesting? It's a good suggestion.



And by the way just finished survival 15+ mins with host crashed in the end, we had host migration and i was noticed for another thing:




New host received all mods that he looted before migration, i received only 3 mods that i've got after migration ...

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