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Flickering Webs In Infested Area


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I don't remember what mission it was, but in a Cronus-themed Infested area all of the webs were flickering in a room. I have not tried to replicate it yet as I had to log off soon after witnessing the bug. Both of the posted pictures were taken in the same second. I am on my laptop with an Intel graphics card. Not sure what kind, but it's whatever the laptop came with. Windows 7 64-bit also.





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sounds like a graphic artifact. That is, a mistake of the graphics system, maybe the game is asking it to do stuff it isn't able to do. Intel cards are integrated in the processor. They are cheap, but not real gaming cards.


Next time you see stuff like that, try turning down some graphic options (like bloom or dynamic lighting or whatever), not necessarily quality.


Also, "intel graphics card" is too generic. It's like saying your car is Crysler. Without the model name it's a bit broad to help.


This tutorial:



There is a tool that can get all info you need about your hardware.

Run it and tell what brand and model of graphics you have.

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My settings are already all turned to minimum. All it shows in the tool for my graphics card is "Intel® HD Graphics". Clicking on Graphics Card to try to get more info just adds a "(Core i3)" onto it under Video Processor.

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