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How Do You Choose To Level Up Your Frames?



Do you choose to craft all frames that you want, then leveling them up together (e.g. in the first game you bring volt, then ash, then ember, etc) till they all hit 30, or you focus on one frame until 30, then leveling up another unranked frame?

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When I get a new frame, I play as that frame till he/she gets leveled up to 30. Then I move on to the next one. 

Recently I have been formaing some of my frames, like Rhino and Nyx, while I wait for new frames to come out. I am very picky towards what frame I want, so I don't get all the frame, because I don't want them (I want Loki, Sayrin, Trinity, and Nekros). 


I also buy and craft new weapons and play with them on Kappa while I am leveling up my frame. It's mostly for Mastery Rank level :/

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I run the same frame until I get bored, and then switch over to a second (and sometimes a third) frame that needs to be leveled. Right now that is Ash (26), Volt (Somewhere in the teens since I hate him), and Loki (Forma'd him). 

I run tons and tons of Kappa until they hit level 10-or so and then I switch to either Cyath or Kiste.

In about a day, Mag will be added to my list of frames and I'll begin rotating between Mag and Frost Prime (Volt will get ignored again, and Loki should be around level 30 by then).

After those two hit thirty I will (hopefully) have Excalibur prime and Mag prime (if I feel like farming for her).

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I'm a warframe collector,I level up every warframe and keep them in my inventory but usually using Loki and Ash,other warframes are boring to me.


Same, except for the part about Loki. Loki master race. I take frames to kappa/kiste and farm up. 

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