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Replace Sentinels With Battle Dogs In Warframe Suits


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Yes and no, dont want a dog, but want a melee sentinel.


EDIT: As in still flying, because Im sure a lot of bad can happen if we are given a non-flying npc to follow us around. *cough*hostagewillstopgettingstuckeverywhere*cough*

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Guest DeadGoanna

Maybe not replace, but as an alternate option?


Robot and/or frame'd Dog/wolf


Robot/frame'd Hawk/bird


Robot/frame'd Koi


...Might have gone too far with the last one


Now there is an idea.

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It would be neat to see a land-based sentinel though. A dog, or maybe a spider-like creature.

The tougher part would be to figure out what its abilities would be, what sort of weapon would it use, etc.

Maybe a ocelot that uses melee based attacks?

Call it Babou. He'll remember you. Because you're in the DANGER ZONE.

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