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Equip 1 Vault Mod Per Frame/ Equipment


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because a Flux or Soma with +100% clip and damage it's a litter too OP in my Opinion


and so is Rhino with +128 Power and 35% Efficiency


and...can we make a exclusive mod space (like Aruna mod in Warframe) for Vault mod plz ?

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Corrupted mods have their downsides, e.g. it takes another mod slot to get rid of the negative effect, if you want it. But they also open up new builds as you get rid of one aspect of your Warframe/gun to boost another.

You can now maximize your Power Duration for Trinity's skills into oblivion, but shrinking the range of your skills, you might go without energy vampire, but only Link and Blessing to tank the crap out of stuff and let your team live. Or you can go heavy energy support by shrinking the power duration and focus on power strenght and range to let your Energy Vampire support the whole team with massive energy.

Or Vauban can now set up massive long Vortex for crowd controlling in a total new level, but he then has to sacrifice capabilities of his bastille as it gets tightening due to the loss of power range.

And with the guns, I can now play my Hek more of a Crowd Control weapon as I can increase the spread, in contrast to the normal rather snipey gameplay of a Hek.


The new corrupted mods open up a variety of different modding options and playstyles for Warframes and guns and that's how it should be imo.

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