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New "Silent Hill" gamemode

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I just played a Cephalon Suda disruption mission against Corpus where i killed just a couple enemies, none of them dropped a conduit, ran around the whole map i think more than once, opening lockers and destroying loot stuff without finding a single enemy, questioning myself if the mission really was bugged and enemies weren't spawning. I did this for like 20 minutes in hopes of finding anything, even a crewman, because the missions would only refresh in about 15 hours, and if i quit, i wouldn't be able to do the mission again. Anyways, when i was on the verge of quitting, a timer that i didn't even know existed for this kind of mission started counting down, still with zero enemies on the map and not a single terminal activated (obviously), so i was forced to quit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thanks, DE, for creating the first strand type game. 

EDIT: I tried the mission again, and it was still bugged, searched for the bug, and found a post from 8 months ago on reddit complaining about the exact same mission. And about 7 other people are having this bug, what the hell DE?, how has this still not been fixed yet?. 




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