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Ancient Infested


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Well a virus needs a host to survive. I dont know anything really but I could hypothesize that the virus was unleashed during the old war and went berserk on everything and anything that had a functioning system so they COULD be sentiants since they look nothing like grineer or corpus. Whatever it was, it was old and probs are dead now.


Ancients are just really really old infested that changed that why due to mutations (totally legit)

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Sentients were about 1000s of years ago I believe ancients were about 100s of years ago. And based off the fact of the size of the J2000 golem Sentients are WAY more huge then those puny guys! 



Also here's my theory on things of the old war ect:



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The appearance of these ancient infested, while malformed over centuries, could be Orokin right? Or might they be turned sentinels from the old war? I refuse to think that technocytes could make their own form and have it be so powerful.


Corpus and Grineer (Grineer in particular) are heavily modified humans so their Infested forms take on quite a peculiar appearance.


The Ancients are, as you suggest, probably Infested Orokin (or any other being that was alive back then).

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