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Gettin Real Sick Of Your Crap, Survival.


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Did a survival mission with my two friends... We got to 25 minutes and decided to extract. All of us went to extraction... It didn't extract. Life support ran out, and it still didn't extract. It kept saying 'waiting for other players' for them, and nothing for me.


I'm getting real @(*()$ pissed off with these survival missions. One damn bug after another. All I wanted was a void key, and it has bugged out every single time I have tried to get it. Last time I got to ten seconds to the fifteen minute mark when life support ran out because enemies just stopped spawning completely, and I couldn't get to the pod in time.





All three of us at the extraction point, and it not extracting us. All three of us pressed against the back wall to make sure it would extract, and it did not. This is bullS#&$.

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