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Invisible Door Bug


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this is the 10th time sense update 10ish or so that i have encountered this bug i dont know the exact reason for it but it seems that some members of the team cannot pass thru some doorways as if there is a door there. you can see into the next room just fine but when trying to walk and or run/sprint tumble slide nothing seem to work to get you thru doorway.


while this may seem like a minor problem when some of them members can just run to the exit and finish the mission however there are many time this can cause mission fail. i was running a 2 man group today when my squad member was forced to abort mission just so i could finish because there was a mission bypass on the other side of said invisible door.


to me this is unacceptable some one should not have to about a mission just so the rest of the squad can finish the mission, and there are many time like nightmare timed missions where EVERYONE must be at the exit to finish. i had a mission where the other squad member stuck was so upset that he refused to abort and just made it a mission fail for the rest of us, again this is unacceptable. he should not have had to feel the need to abort for us and we should not have felt the need to want him to abort a mission that he rightfully helped complete. DE plz work on this bug right away this is a very bad thing to have in your game.

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