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Support Warframe



Hey guys.


I just 30'd my Saryn and came to the conclusion I don't like her that much. I'm more of a supporter. Right now I am building a Trinity for some mastery points. I want to play a support Warframe and can't decide between Trinity or Banshee. I am also thinking about a primed Mag, though she is less of a supporter.


I like to play long range mostly and Banshee's Sonar looks very good for that. Would that compliment weapons like Torid, Ogris and Bows? If a new sniper rifle will come out, I would certainly use it with my Banshee.


Also, Focus won't drop for me, if that matters much. So which Warframe can you recommend?

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Banshee's pretty interesting and her Sonar does compliment accurate weapons. In a pinch, she also has good crowd suppression with Sonic Boom(knock enemies, particularly Ancients, away) and Sound Quake(lock enemies so your teammates can shoot them). Focus is pretty important with Banshee though as it strengthens Sonar and Sound Quake.


I main a Trinity myself, use her right and well and no one in your team will die and have plenty of energy to use. If you want to assist in crowd control and enemy manipulation, I suggest giving Nyx a try. Vauban's great for terrain manipulation and his Vortex compliments AoE weapons. 

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While Trinity is good for healing and the "support frame" of the game, Volt has speed, a tactical shield and some AoE damage. I did read you had one in your team though so, Rhino? He does have roar which boosts outgoing damage. Yes yes i know...he's a frontline tank...but he is also one of the very few frames that has a "team buff" skill. Some players takes Roar off their Rhino so you could build a "buffRhino"?

Nyx is another questional "support" frame. While more of a manipulator she does lack damage. Chaos can save you in a lot of situations, and Mind Control is a cheap skill.


Last - Nekros.
He has Desecrate. This is probably the most usefull of his skills - gives more loot, but also health...and mods. You can desecrate shadows of the dead too for more life.
If you have a ammo conversion mod, and even better carrier too, you can play very aggressivly with a rapid fire gun. This makes up for some of his less usefull skills.

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