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Recalculate Conclave Rating Based On Weapons Damage As Well


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Well hello there, another crybaby thread! With a suggestion though.

While my warframes are in the >500 conclave rating, my rank doesn't allow me to build clan weapons yet. I also find it hard to max out the weapons I have. The highest damage levels take an awful lot of mods/cores to fuse with. Seems I would have to farm for quite long ... and not to forget that formaing them requires grinding time afterwards, too. It took me about a day past weekend to get a formaed warframe back to around level 15. Imagining doing that over and over again with a single weapon ... quite a lot of lifetime to be invested.

In matches, I've met a lot of people using what are apparently clan (sometimes normal) weapons modded to the highest possible damage levels (thanks to formaing, too?). One-shot kills are a regular phenomenon. I'd rather have us run around the map, having to hit each other a lot of times.

If you include weapon stats like how often a weapon has been formaed, what the base damage, crit chance and crit damage are, it would be easier to find evenly matched partners. People who like their matches short but deadly could still enjoy them that way, people who want a game of hide-and-seek could get that.

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I can't play in the lower levels. My warframes' levels are too high. I'm not going to scrap them, farm for their blueprints again and rebuild them just so I can play in the lower conclaves.

For the weapons, I would have to do the same, I guess.

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