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Corrupted Mods



I know some frames aren't helped by the arrival of these corrupted mods (using a mod that decrease power range, Frost's snow globe will become so tiny, using a mod that decrease power, vauban's bastile can increase to 20 meter approximately but will only hold 8 enemies).

So which frame, and which of their respective energy, is greatly helped by the new corrupted mods? Some dude in Warframe wiki said he can make a devastating Bladestorm (dealing more than 3000 damage) with only 25 energy per cast, making Ash very formidable.


How and in what situation are these mods beneficial to each frame?

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Overextended works well with Frost if you only use Snow Globe.

And I guess that ties well with all the other frames as well.

Most frames will only have 1 - 3 abilities that are actually useful, and chances are, they aren't based around damage, but utility.

This means that mods like Power Strength lose their focus (See what I-... ehh) and mods which decrease that factor lose out.

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With the narrow minded mod e.g. , ash will stay invisible forever ever ever, and loosing the power range doesnt hurt when you dont care about bladestorm. Smoke screen is the bread and butter ability of ash, and people play him mainly because of that skill.

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Rhino sounds interesting for me:


30%+99%=129% power strength (Focus and Blind Rage)


Powercost= 55%-30%-60%= -35% of power cost (Blind rage adds 55% cost, minus streamline minus narrowminded)


What you lose: 4 slots, power duration -60%.


Conclusion: good addition to ironskin and stomp, but not recommended for Roar builds.


Anyone knows how does the iron skin calculation works?

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Saryn is not easy..I was talking about her related to these new mods here:



I think that the combination Blind Rage+Fleeting Expertise must be supported by a particular and not very customizable combination of mods; If you have both Continuity and Constitution, Focus, Flow and Streamline than you can have a Miasma that deals over 2000dmg in a few seconds, with a 85 energy cost. 

In this way Miasma becomes even better than Rhino Stomp(corrupted version)that can deal at max "only" around 1800dmg; have to say that a corrupted Rhino Stomp is much more spammable than Miasma and has an insane range.


But if you can't live witouht Saryn a** , then the build Blind Rage+Fleeting Expertise can deal tons of damage!


More in general, I think that Rhino benefits the most from these mods....I mean, Iron Skin can absorb almost 3k damage and 1800dmg can be spammed for a lot of meters....

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