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[Suggestion] Od Vault Solo Solution


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When you have a full squad with all 4 people, all 4 keys equipped, you are guaranteed a reward from the vault as you can always open it. The only difficulty is in finding it :P


One person can only equip one key so you have only a 25% chance of having the right key once you find the vault.


All this really needs is a "solo" key, the Mutator Key - only usable solo, so you have to do the mission alone. Have it give a random debuff of the 4 so you can't know whether to build for speed, shields or damage which gives a little spice to the game but still lets soloists get the vault 100% just as full squads can.


When we had the event with the ciphers we had 3 types. All 3 were usable in co-op mode but you could use the 3rd key solo to complete the mission. Give soloists (for whatever reason) the same ability to actually complete the vault missions as everyone else - a random key so you wouldn't know until you started what debuff you had to cope with. Perhaps even have a lower main debuff but have a small debuff on all four points to make things interesting. 


Have the Mutator key able to open any key slot but only when there is only one player. If there is more than one player have the Mutator lock into one key type when the mission starts or the second player joins so that they can't simply use it to get around having to carry a key they don't like. The key type it locked onto would be random so you couldn't be sure if you joined a group with this equipped that it wouldn't be one of the keys the other players have.


Reaching the vault solo would mean the Mutator reads the keyhole and mutates to match it.

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They purposely made it so you can't just bring all 4 keys. It's *meant* to be a group activity. I'm not really sure why you'd assume that it was an oversight that soloing isn't too effective on this.


You can always abandon mission, btw, and keep your derelict key. So it's entirely possible to just rush around looking for the vault, open it if you have the key, restart if you don't. Volt on a capture mission should do just fine with an extinguish key--you only need to make 1 kill. The rest is just spamming speed and running from everything. Easy enough.

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Or make the key mutate from time to time,


i don't know what to think about this co-op key adventure but matchmaking problems, squad chat frozing up and extra effort to coordinate the keys makes this frustrating.


I understand that DE frowns upon "clever use of game mechanics" such as Loki's switch teleport but you are literally forcing people's hand.

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Until DE fix the network issues so that all players CAN co-op they need to provide solutions so that players are not stuck behind grindwalls that are not there for the co-op player. Thier own blurb states that you can stand alone, so why make it so much harder for those who wish to do so or have no option BUT to do so? I often have NAT issues when trying to get anyone other than a very small number of friends into a game, or when I try to join someone elses session.


**Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Join your friends in player-vs-enemy raids across the solar system and master the power of the Warframes. Stand alone or fight together against enemies that threaten your world.**


If I choose to go in with less than a full squad (assuming I can MAKE a squad) then I still face the risk of not having the right key but I have a much higher chance of having a key that fits. With the RNG as bad as it is in this game I MIGHT get the vault on the first time solo with one of the four keys equipped. I might run 20 times and not see the keyhole I need. I might run a hundred times and never get the key type I have - that's RNG. All I'm asking is for those who have/choose to solo the mission get the opportunity to get into the vault.

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