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Real Tenno Genius


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Orokin Genuine Draft presents

Real Tenno Genius


Today we salute you Mr. Hallway Hero
Mr. Hallway Hero!
Helping your team defend the cryopod just isn't your style
Team work is for sissies!
You know that all that matters is getting the top score at the end of the mission
Lead score really matters in a co-op game yeah!

Why should looting be easy, when you can make your teammates run after it after every wave.

Good thing I got my rush mod on!
And when you inevitably die, you know, the right thing to do is to blame your teammates
Those douchebags! 
So  crack open an cold OGD Mr. Hallway Hero because your team just wouldn't be the same without you!
We be doing much better!


[This next one I blatantly stole from Nhym and then adapted it]

Orokin Genuine Draft presents

Real Tenno Genius

Today we salute you, Mr. Unpronounceable Name guy.
Mr. Unpronounceable Name guy!
Using every letter in the English alphabet you craft a name that's so long that you spam region chat..... just by saying hello. 
He probably slammed his head on the keyboard!
I before E? Not for you. Modern English grammar just holds you back from becoming what you were born to be...Fluffypinkbunnyman...the Rhino.... Fierce.
I got a J stuck to my forehead!
Can't decide between two names? No problem. Just slam them both together and add a few X's for style.
He must be an X-man!
So crack open that OGD you alphabetical avatar because you know there's more than one way to spell "rephrezhmant" we spell it OGD

Please make a few of your own and post them here =)

For those of you who don't get the joke:
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They should something like if you leave 25 meters past the cryopod it drains your HP/Energy. It's honestly annoying to run around the map in the heat of battle to pick up loot. Ofc if it were included in tutorial that exp has a range limit, all of this would have been avoided.

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