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Platinum Should Cost Less After Some Time!


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To finish a blueprint immediately you can spend 20-50 Platinum. 
I never did that because I think it's too expensive to spend that much Platinum just to finish my craft, so I just sit around and wait, sometimes i don't even play because all my weapons and frames are 30 and I want to wait until my new craft is done.

But what I definitely would do is that:

If the prize depends on the longer you wait for the blueprint to be finished the less Platinum it will cost.


Waiting three days finishing my frame is sometimes pretty boring but I would definitely spend some Platinum on like 1/3 of the prize if I wait 24 hours out of 72 hours. It should be the percentage of the orginial cost based on how much time I waited.


What do you think?

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Guest DeadGoanna

I don't agree that platinum is overpriced, but, I do however agree that it should scale down over time. Especially on builds 12 hours and over.

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