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Notionphil's Compendium Of Game Mechanics


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This is pretty much just a post for me to go back to my suggested game mechanics and reply, update and ping every so often. I have no idea how to bookmark a collection of posts via this forum so this is like my own personal sticky.


I suppose if others have any interest in seeing my collected ideas, this would be the place as well!


New Gameplay Concepts




Overhaul/Feedback on Existing Gameplay Systems


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OMFG phil




these links need to be forwarded to the DEv team, Steve, Scott, whoevs

some of the best suggestions and well thought out ideas the forums have seen

awesome job


Thanks for the support! I'm sure they have seen some of these in one way or another. We'll see :)

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Some of it needs to be updated.  The last update we've seen about elemental procs in A2.0 made it quite clear proc rates are separate from crit rates.


I have heard things, but not being on DC, and a2.0 not being in game yet, holding off on an update...unless you have public link?!

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bumping this up

some things seem a little outdated, like for example loadouts. 


True true, loadouts is essentially now in game - Will update thread.


I don't expect people to bump/read/reply to this thread but feel free to discuss if you like. Thanks for reading!

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