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Fang Prime Blade In T3 Defense


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This is kind of a sadistical move with the current droprates. Come on, 40 minutes of same old same old just to have a 10% chance at a reward?


Who thought this was a good idea?


Either raise the dropchance (and lower the chance of Forma... I am not doing T3 def to farm Forma) or make defense in the voids 10 waves (or 15) shorter.

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I think the problem comes from the fact that they slapped the same values for all missions without considering the mission's own mechanics, difficulty and time of completion (Capture is one of the fastest to complete if you rush, yet the drop chance are the same values as Defense). Mission type should be taken into consideration when doing these.


I agree with your statement. Formas should be much lower in Defense, or heck, they could even remove Forma Blueprint from T3 defense and keep only Formas with their low percent chance, while giving the rarer items a higher percentage (instead of 11%). That's if they don't change the number of waves to a smaller number.

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