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Timestopping Warframe


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I have an idea, a time stopping warframe. For like it's 1st ability a time pause, only enemies in ur area get frozen for like 5-10 seconds? And then for its 4th ability a huge timestop. And for the other abilities something else. Maybe like Gauss 3rd ability, the shield

this was my uh feedback/suggestion

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1 hour ago, Wrum said:

thats most peoples main complaint about limbo

The complaints about Limbo have existed LONG before he had Stasis. It is the fact that he removes the ability for allies to interact with enemies due to the Rift.

Issues with Stasis and a frame like this could at least be improved through additional mechanics, such as temporarily halting the incapacitation when the targets take damage, as one example. Or make them have increased drain over time, or per target.

There's a ton of ways frames could be given extreme power...with appropriate limitations. DE just tends to either make abilities weak with a lot of drawbacks, or too powerful with no drawbacks. Lol

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