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Tenno Boxing Championship Challenge!


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Greetings Tenno! I come to you today with one question, and one question only! AAARE YOOOU REEEADY TOOOO RUUUUMMMMMBLLLLLLLLLE?!?!?!?!


The Rules:


1. Only melee! Your only weapon options are Furax, Kogake, and Ankyros!

2. No mods! On anything! No frame mods, no abilities, no weapon mods etc.

3. No Sentinels! They do not have fists! (Yet, eh DE? :D)

4. Stick to your Weight Class in most cases. Though punching above your weight is quite a feat! If you can win, good on ya!

5. Only 1 on 1 matches in the Conclave or Dueling Rooms! Though you can get a group of four and pair up in two 1x1 matches.

6. Have fun! That's the most important thing about this.


Final notes: Bonus points for the following!


1. Punching above your weight! 1 point for every class above your weight!

2. Make a video of you and your friends having a go at the fisticuffs! 5 extra points!

3. Make art of new hand-to-hand fisticuff weaponry fitting different unarmed combat styles in the world! 10 points for being awesome!

4. Anything else cool! Various points!


(Note: Points will not be tallied, have no meaning, and will gain you nothing. Other than the warm fuzzy feeling of having more points than other schmucks. Also you can have a cookie I guess.)


Weight Classes


(Note that these are somewhat ordered by a brief look over of the health, shield, and armor values of the frames, this is thrown together more than actually calculated and ordered, so any input on alterations to this would be appreciated)


Heavyweights: Rhino, Frost, Saryn

Midweight: Ash, Excalibur, Mag, Nekros, Nova, Vauban, Volt.
Lightweight: Banshee, Ember, Loki, Nyx, Trinity.


Final notes


This is less of a real challenge, and more something for people to do and have a bit of fun with. Warframe can get very repetitive, and while Conclaves can be fun sometimes, the weapon balance in this game is kind of crazy, so using the best of the best weapons is usually just going to end up with everyone frustrated and yelling out that dreaded two words, "Over-powered!" Luckily, the Furax, Kogake, and Ankyros are certainly not the most powerful weapons, and not using mods keeps an even playing field. Boxing matches are something fun and simple that you and some friends can do fairly easily, since the Furax, Ankyros, and Kogake aren't necessarily difficult to get, and many players already have at least one of the three in their inventory somewhere. So, go out there, grab your gloves, and have fun!


Also, if you want to use some mods in these battles, feel free, but make sure to set a limit on the mods, and make sure all the players in your matches know the limit. Whether it be a limit of mod points, or only certain mods on.


Hope this helps some folks have some fun, and take a nice break from the grind and farm that Warframe tends to become later on.

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