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Kuva Bramma Changes: Explanation and Timeline.

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I re-read that arrow part twice now and I don't see that changing anything. People used already Vigilante Supplies or Primed Arrow Mutation in the Exilus slot anyways. I can completely miss 4 shots and if the 5th hits I have ammo again - it's also not hard to hit with it, even with Heavy Caliber on it. For the unlikely event that I run out of ammo I can slap down one of my 800 ammo pancakes. I actually see that achieve nothing other than people using ammo pads every now and then. Just a weird decision. Technically a nerf, I guess.

I can't really comment on the cluster changes since I have to see that in actual action.

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24 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Tenno -

If you’ve been plugged into the community discourse since the self damage changes, you’ll have seen a lot of discussions about the Kuva Bramma. 

What makes this formerly self-damaging weapon so much more dominant than the others?

It has quickly taken the place at the top of the usage charts - which is where it should be given its acquisition - but the degree of dominance (about 3 times more popular than anything else) is not something we feel is good for the primary weapon Arsenal options.

We are changing it so that:

- It has a smaller reserve ammo (15 to 5), and gains fewer arrows from ammo pickups - This is to encourage players to aim the bow deliberately at crowds of enemies and not fire it wildly everywhere
- Fewer cluster bombs are produced on impact (from 7 to 3) - Reduces the overwhelming AOE potential somewhat but also makes the Bramma less visually busy. Players have said that the many many explosions produced by Bramma are hard to see through.
- Increased cluster projectile radial attack size from 2.7m to 3.5m
- Reduced cluster projectile fall off from 100% to 50% - Fewer explosive fragments, but they cover more area and generally do more damage

We will be monitoring feedback after these changes go live to ensure we’ve struck a better balance of having a powerful weapon - but not one that overshadows everything else in the game to the detriment of your squadmates.

You will see these changes in Update 28: The Deadlock Protocol, and we can discuss feedback once they are in your hands.

Until then, Tenno! 

Why does it seem that DE can never nerf something without killing it completely? 

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16 minutes ago, Upright1 said:

Yes, you have to use your brain now. How terrifying that you cannot delete everything.

Oh wow you mean they nerfed my bramma?! oh man now i have to use equinox,saryn,mirage,ember,mag,gara,mesa,oberon,volt. Or Tonkor,nukor,acceltra,amprex,corinth,ignis wraith,lenz, zarr, or ect. to nuke or absolutely shred LEVEL 20-40 STARCHART ENEMIES? lmfao yo stfu. 

On a serious note if ur gonna do any nerf id rather take a 50% damage nerf than reduced max ammo from 15 to 5. But yeah, anything fun gets absolutely ruined in a game where you're mean't to mass murder hordes of enemies because all the crybabies jump on the forums and flood it with whining. This isn't just about bramma, its about everything fun that gets nerfed. I want to love the game but all we get is fashionframe updates which by the way ISNT CONTENT. and nerf's as of lately. Explains the state of the game currently. and when deadlocked protocol drops? heh people are going to do the norm and come back for 2-3 months and guess what? Quit again.

Edit: Every frame/weapon i listed isnt even half of it. you can literally build a range frost or any niche aoe frame and nuke 15 waves of helene because of how pitifully easy the armor/health rework made enemies.

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Honestly, there's no reason to nerf a weapon to the ground because it's popular. If you already massively nerf the damage, what's the point in nerfing the number of arrows too? or doing it so much? 5 ammo is a joke, and picking up less ammo is another joke and a slap in the face of everyone who loves bows and finally had a nice aoe one (and at the same time other powerful primaries remain untouched).

It's a damn pve game where we should have fun. We have warframes that can nuke rooms with the press of a button. You should stop looking at the statistics sometimes and focus on the fun factor. I don't understand the point of making a good and fun weapon then nerfing it so hard like you did with kitguns for example (yes they were #*!%in powerful and yet I almost never used them). There will always be powerful or "meta" or OP weapons, no matter what you do, let us decide if we want to use them or not. Because if the problem is the massive usage of something, you should delete all the op warframes. 

And let's not talk about melee weapons that can kill more easily than the most powerful primaries...

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Hahaha, we all knew it was coming but it's still hilarious. DE's idea of balance is to take something that's completely overpowered and make it a wet noodle, from one extreme to the other. Par for the course folks, nothing to see here. 

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34 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

- It has a smaller reserve ammo (15 to 5), and gains fewer arrows from ammo pickups - This is to encourage players to aim the bow deliberately at crowds of enemies and not fire it wildly everywhere

Players use a specter or wukong clone / umbra to avoid the ammo managment and to continue to spam it regardless the pickups, so this is likely to be useless against that... Draw time would penalize players regardless if they use a specter to avoid the nerf.

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2 minutes ago, The-Almighty said:

Meanwhile melee weapons are getting buffed beyond and more. A proper melee weapons leaves Bramma to dust and beyond. But yeah. #*!%ing joke.


Melee is a different category in a different ballpark. MR1 melee weapons compete with MR10 primaries. I think that's intentional so that WF stands out from other shooters by having a melee focus.

KB was an outlier when measured against the category it belongs to: Primaries. 

It's meant to be compared against other primaries. Not against melee or Equinox.

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Not even obsessed with this weapon but I have fun with it in certain scenarios and as a player with wide arsenal of powerful gear, Rivens and experience I don't see how Kuva Bramma is universally OP but it sure is FUN.

It's popularity should be a hint for making other weapons entertaining and useful, not making Bramma trash.

We've seen DE taking candies from babies before, I've witnessed Gammacor aka 'finger of doom' reign for months. This time it's a miss and a sign of poor judgement.

Reconsider this nerf and most importantly look at statistics for least used weapons and use creative juices to make them interesting - no lazy slight stats buff or bandaid mod increasing accuracy during aim glide. 

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hace 4 minutos, -TSA-KenSasaki dijo:

List of stuff DE killed:

Zenistar, Catchmoon, Nearly all Shootguns, Amps, Arcanes, Statuses like Gas, and now Bramma.
Whats next?

I dont think the same way, about the zenistar yes im agree with you but...

Catchmoon is nice now , not a overpower weapon but is still strong 
The change about the shootguns in my opinion was really nice, before if you shootgun havent 100% status chance it was almost garbage 
The new arcane system is really nice, (except the 21 r0 part) but in general im happy with it

Yes, gas is useless.
And now the kuva Bramma got what it deserves, a nerf, we knew it will happen, that never was a question, the question was "when"

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Damage values : untouched. Actually made a bit better due to a falloff reduction.
Range : still absurdly large compared to other launchers.
Ammo changes irrelevant. Ammo capacity has always had ways to be circumvented, even before exilus slots made it a complete non-issue.

This community : kUvA brAMMa iS dEAd

... I don't know what I expected from you guys.

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