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Stackable Mods And Modding Weapon + Sentinel Weapon Bug


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Description of the problem


I have 2 maxed mods of everything so I have both deth rifle and main weapon fully buffed.

The problem arises when I try to equip one of those mods on my weapons, each time I do it it will always equip the same mod I have in the sentinel,  resulting in a popup that asks to auto-resolve this conflict when u try to leave the inventory tab. If u click yes all it will do is take out the mod of the sentinel and swap it by a rank 0 one. To solve this I went again to my weapon and swapped the mod currently equiped with the one on the inventory and then went to the sentinel again and swapped the rank 0 mod previously from auto resolve for the maxed and finally ended with both weapons equipped with the maxed rank mods.


SOLUTION until we get a proper fix + Explanation:


If my deductions are correct, due to the stackable feature, the only mods that are acessable to be applied on weapons that have no mods should always be what I called of position 1 mods. Based on this deduction i came up with the following solution that will avoid wasting any more time which consists in equiping ur sentinel with the position 2 mods which translates in these 3 basic steps:

1- Remove all mods u pretend to use on ur sentinel weapon from all weapons (sentinel and not) and apply;

2- Access ur sentinel weapon a 2nd time, insert all the mods u want and apply once complete, this will have all position 1 mods applied to ur sentinel

3- Access ur sentinel weapon a 3rd and final time and swap all mods on the sentinel by the ones u have in ur inventory,  in practice ur swapping the position 2 in ur inventory with the  position 1 on the weapon


note: The popup window referred strangely doesn't appear when u click the apply button but only when u try to leave the inventory tab...


Solution for the devs:


Just make sure mods currently applied to sentinel weapons doesn't appear on ur weapons inventory and vice versa, very simple and fast to program...

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