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Shield lancers need a tiny little buff

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Currently, shield lancer is an enemy that able to block your bullets and a way to counter that is using punch through, then we have elite shield lancers with shields that immune to punch through.

But there is one thing missed : explosive weapons

Explosive weapons simply don't give a crap if they can block or not, you detonate one and they take full effect, making them the better choice because they ignore the shield so there's a small change to make them able to fight back

Shield lancer : Taking frontal explosion damage gives them 95% damage reduction, making them able to resist and live to fight back

Elite shield lancer : Damage immunity when taking frontal explosion, means they're now more dangerous (Is that thicc shield just for show?)

So how to take them efficiently when you're using explosive then? Blast them from side, back or above them, they're still vulnerable from anywhere that isn't front so do that sick trick shot and kill them with style

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Just add a tier. like heavy unit similar to nox but with a shield. They have to be special so they can't turn on a dime if you have them agro. All shields shouldn't be that clumsy. And they can go into sentry mode, slam the shield down and then it lets them act as LOS cover for units behind it. Make it a hellofa lot faster than blunts and are actually useful for their survival. Maybe as a upgraded Seeker unit. Tosses different rollers that tether you. A bit like the grineer version of riot moa. I don't believe grineer have any special units under a alarm, except the manic rarely.

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Although I hope that DE will reconsider the thought of allowing Elite Shield Lancers to have magazines of 3 or more when Tonkor is usually 1 shot (But can be modded for 2) just allow the unit move as it reloads and it should be much more balanced.

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I actually liked it when they knocked us down. Made it more interesting.

Just like how I "hate" the drahk masters ganking my weapon and hanging back in the fight. Or scorpions spearing me and dragging me to them. Without these, battles would be really interesting.

That's why I wish the Elite Shield Lancers still knocked me down.

But as for AoE, I feel many of the "heavy" units should have AoE mitigation. This would still allow AoE to clear fodder but leave the heavies to a different tactic.

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I think they need the Doom shield treatment, you can damage them with explosions landing behind them, and have a certain treshold to their shields being up. Also, someone suggested Grineers in general should work in "formations", like typical shield formations, but that's a whole different story for another thread regarding enemy AI.

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