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The Deadlock Protocol: Bug Report Megathread! (Read First Post)

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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Running the Extended Granum Void mission (on Triton, Neptune) and none of the Specters will charge the Xoris.  On each kill, the Specter dies automatically without a chance to charge.  I've done about 90+ of these missions, but only at about 4pm ET today did this start happening.  We did notice that the node was occupied by the Grineer so maybe that affected the mission?  I just tried running on Sabotage on Adrastea, Jupiter and it worked fine.
  • VISUAL: n/a
  • REPRODUCTION: just run the mission itself - Triton, Neptune
  • EXPECTED RESULT: After first half of each Specter kill, they should turn into a starry energy so that I can capture it with the Xoris and charge it.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: After first half of each Specter kill, they would completely die with no chance of turning into the energy for charging.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Frame is irrelevant as another player and I were testing it out.  # of players is also irrelevant.  Attempted the mission about 9 times over the span of 2 hours and the same issue arises.
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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Fishing with any bait at cave hotspots on Orb Vallis.
  • REPRODUCTION: Attempt to use bait in caves with/without bait.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Threw Synathid bait and wait for spawn.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Bait sunk threw floor and nothing spawned.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: This happens 100% of the time since Deadlock Protocol update. None of the hotfixes so far have fixed this. This is keeping me from the new kitguns.
Edited by Aaawwubbis
Put Fortuna instead of Orb Vallis. Had to change it.
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  • TYPE:  In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: I enter the granum void
  • VISUAL: dont take any, its not the point anyways
  • BUG: 1. Releasing the solaris don't give any seconds for the challenge 2. The specters are far more resistant than they should be, amking ot impossible to reach the kill rate needed for completing the void.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Any of the two bugs can happen at any momento, it happens around 1 out of 5 missions
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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: I've run multiple excavation missions as a client: some are regular excavations, others are Void Fissure missions.  The status of some excavators (health, power, time left) did not appear on the HUD: the host reported that they could see its status, but at least one other client squad member reported that they also could not see its status.
  • VISUAL: D243BA6E1E1073B1E0E3DA8AFF499F256F3E3997




In this photo, excavator D is in the foreground, and excavator C is across the room.  However, only the status of C appears on the HUD.


Same location, later in the mission.  Excavator A does not show on the HUD, but excavator B does.

  • REPRODUCTION: Appears to occur when you are a Client on excavation missions.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: The status for all active excavators should be visible in the mission HUD.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: The status for some active excavators is not visible in the mission HUD.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: I've experienced this bug in two separate Void Fissure excavation missions on Everest, Earth, and the bug occurred multiple times during each mission.  I also experienced it three times in one Void Fissure excavation mission on Valefor, Europa.  All times I was a client, not the host.  I then ran Hieracon, Pluto (not a Fissure mission) as a client, but I did not experience the glitch with any of the 12 excavations during that mission.  Most recently, I encountered the bug twice in one mission on Augustus, Mars as a client: this was not a Void Fissure mission.
Edited by N64Gamefreak
Updated as per additional encounters
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  • TYPE: In-game
  • DESCRIPTION: Protea's blaze artillery doesn't shoot enemys affected by khora's strangledome.
  • REPRODUCTION: Protea's blaze artillery doesn't shoot enemys affected by khora's strangledome.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: turret should attack enemys in direct line of sight
  • OBSERVED RESULT: turret doesnt shoot enemys in direct line of sight affected by strangledome 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Happened 5/5 times I tried it In simulacrum and public mission
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TYPE: In-Game audio
DESCRIPTION: Octavia's music become out of sync when playing as a client 
VISUAL: Lots of clear video evidence:

REPRODUCTION: Use Octavia's powers while a client in a mission.
EXPECTED RESULT: Melody, Bass, and Percussion all remain in sync
OBSERVED RESULT: All three parts can go out of sync, stutter, replay notes, pause and play a bunch of notes at once.
REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%, but the actual severity appears related to client lag and how much activity is happening in the mission.  It does not appear to be related to what other Warframes are in the mission.  In the first example in the above video it's just me with the host playing another Octavia, and both of our songs play out of sync on my end.

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700CBFD440EAC212CC97697C352915D80D21E86F807AC3B940DC665F1F84513BAA8BE22D72560938TYPE: in-game

DESCRIPTION: Pet limbs are mangled and discombobulated after switching to a different loadout with a different pet. Happens with both Kubrows and Kavats.



REPRODUCTION: It's rather sporadic in occurrence but is triggered by rapidly switching back and forth between different pets in different loadouts.

EXPECTED RESULT: All pet limbs should be in their proper configuration.

OBSERVED RESULT: Pet limbs are mangled and positioned in unsettling and unnatural locations.

Edited by PAK1988
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  • TYPE: Syndicate mark's spawn points
  • DESCRIPTION: That's it. Just spawns behind vi wall.
  • REPRODUCTION: Just run any syndicate mission within new locations
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Fixed spawn relative locations.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Really.. 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: 3/3 times n several places.
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TYPE: in game. 
DESCRIPTION: Pax seeker does not create projectiles when used on primary kitguns after some time in mission. 
VISUAL: will update when I  have a recording. 
REPRODUCTION: get a primary kitgun (rattleguts, killstream, steady slam) attach Pax seeker arcane, get headshots in mission frequently. 
EXPECTED RESULT: Pax seeker projectiles would be created on every headshot. 
OBSERVED RESULT: halfway through the mission ( or so) the seeker projectiles are no longer created.
REPRODUCTION RATE: every mission where I am killing a significant amount of enemies and proccing seeker early (usually host / solo not sure as client) 

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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: When Vauban use Bastille (vortex) on Hydron, Sedna, enemies are invisible in vortex for Protea's 2nd ability, Blaze Artillery. Artillery just levitates as none enemies are infront of it. Tried to use artillery from different angles, above... nothing work. Tried also use it with no other enemies than in Vortex. Other enemies while not in Vauban's Vortex are visible for artillery.
  • VISUAL: None.
  • REPRODUCTION: Cast Vauban's Bastille and make it Vortex, then Protea must cast Blaze Artillery
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Blaze Artillery should always target enemy in Vortex while there are in field of view and range.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: BLaze Artillery completely ignore enemies in Vauban's Bastille (vortex) from all distances, all angles
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: It happens all time when enemies are in Bastille's ability (vortex)
  • EDIT: Funny, looks like Mine Layer (Tether Coil) have same issues. As i read from other posts, abilities that moves enemies (crowd control?) makes them invisible for Blaze Artillery. I tried it only with Vauban abilities.
Edited by Heebra
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TYPE: In game

DESCRIPTION: Jackal (tested common) UFO attack bypass Volt shield, deal damage through auto-block and hit Limbo in Rift.

VISUAL: No need.

REPRODUCTION: Engage in Jackal boss fight

EXPECTED RESULT: damage must be avoid at last for Limbo

OBSERVED RESULT: damage cannot avoid except 'dance' or simulate things


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TYPE: In-game

DESCRIPTION: Corpus Sabotage in new tileset. Fuel cell now must be placed from invers reactor side. Also placing fuel cell back to reactor case magnetic anomaly. Other case. Cooling sell in reactor – freeze reactor room only, other tile no change. Fuel cell in cooling system (case magnetic anomaly as say Lotos) – turn off all light without any anomaly. Also in cooling room with two console near opposite walls enough turn laser off only from one console (before need turn off both).

VISUAL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S_5hkbL0OeCEmwNz-_hLeGZBrQGW04rB/view?usp=sharing Just after placing cell. Cell teleport to other (right) side.

EXPECTED RESULT: Cell must be put from right side reactor and restart reactor without cooling must be case meltdown etc.

OBSERVED RESULT: Wrong side for put cell and wrong (or changed) effect.

REPRODUCTION RATE: Always, perhaps all Corpus ship sabotage.

Edited by fiziologus
testing sabotage
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  • TYPE:  In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: In Granum Void on Fossa
  • REPRODUCTION: Place a Wisp Mote on the corpus ship tiles and then go into Granum Void. If you look up at the skybox in the Granum Void you can see the green extract point icon and it is possible to teleport out of the Granum Void to the mote. This will forfeit any winnings from Granum Void.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: To not be able to teleport out of Granum Void
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Being teleported and losing any winnings.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Have only tested wisp, unsure if Loki switch teleport would do the same.
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TYPE: In-Game

DESCRIPTION: Kitgun mod can be used on primary and secondary kitgun simultaneously. Checked for rivens.

REPRODUCTION: Place a mod on a primary kitgun, then on secondary kitgun. It will be equipped and used simultaneously.

EXPECTED RESULT : I guess message of mod conflict, like when the same mod installed on player weapon and senstinel weapon.

OBSERVED RESULT : Mod can be used on both weapons simultaneously

REPRODUCTION RATE: Persistent always. Works whenever I try.


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TYPE: In-game
DESCRIPTION: Proteas turrets will not shoot enemies affected by hard CC abilities such as vaubans vortex or khoras strangledome
REPRODUCTION: Have a vauban deploy a vortex to vacuum in some enemies and then use proteas turret, it will not fire at all.
EXPECTED RESULT: The turret should be firing at the enemies
OBSERVED RESULT: The turret doesnt fire

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  • TYPE: in-game/matchmaking.
    • DESCRIPTION: recurrent offline status to most of players randomly
  • VISUAL: (insert Tenno name here) is offline
    • REPRODUCTIONit usually happens after you end a mission and want to reinvite others 
    • EXPECTED RESULT: not being able to invite other players to missions
      this is solved by reloging into warframe (if all the Tenno involved, the best resul)
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Been happening a lot lately and don't really know what trigger it, it usually after you've done a few missions.
Edited by Driearms
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  • TYPE: Mods
  • DESCRIPTION: Adhesive Blast mod has no effect on Helstrum
  • VISUALhttps://imgur.com/a/sQJpE4V
  • REPRODUCTION: Simply put Adhesive Blast on Helstrum
  • EXPECTED RESULT: The mini rockets should've stuck on enemies or any surfaces for a few seconds, then explodes
  • OBSERVED RESULT: The mini rockets just explode on impact
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-dont like new jackel boss fight, absurdly annoying and takes too long in his room spinner (takes too long in general)

-farming protea is like sticking your hand in lava with a 0.000000000000001% chance you'll actually still have a hand

-and for some unknown reason mutalist tar moa's at level 60 are now insta-killing people regardless of frame or build soo theres that now

-stop making new content..... and release a "bug fix" update

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  • TYPE: In-game
  • DESCRIPTION: I am playing on Hydron as Protea to level up a Vaykor Hek and the new melee Moa. After a little while, the the party disconnects at once. I believe it has to do with her 1, as it usually occurs shortly after.
  • VISUAL: The three others in my group disconnect at once if I am hosting, and if I am not hosting, the game closes. This occurs after ability usage. 
  • REPRODUCTION: No clue. 
  • EXPECTED RESULT: There wouldn't be a crash?
  • OBSERVED RESULT: There were several crashes related to (or what I believe to be related to) her 1. 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Fairly consistently, 5 times out of 5. 
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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: During the Jackal boss fight, sometimes the animations that play will turn off Mesmer Skin.  Sometimes the ability is actually inactive despite the GUI indicating in the lower right corner that it is active.

Shows me downed as Revenant with active Mesmer Skin (note the geometry that shows up on Revenant's shoulder when Mesmer Skin is active is not present.


Shows Mesmer Skin active based on the GUI in the lower right, despite the corresponding geometry not being present on Revenant's shoulder.


Shows how my Revenant usually looks with Mesmer Skin active.


  • REPRODUCTION: I think being client makes it more likely to happen.  It seems to happen after watching one of the Parazon finisher animations.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: At a minimum, the GUI in the lower right corner needs to match the behavior the player experiences (if GUI says I have Mesmer Skin, Mesmer Skin needs to be working).  But, I've noticed the Parazon finisher animation swaps me to my primary weapon and sometimes deactivates abilities, neither of which would ideally happen.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Ability turns off and weapon switches to primary weapon due to non-interactive cutscene, and sometimes that makes the GUI not match the actual game state.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Happens something like half of my 4 or so test runs.  If I recall correctly, it happened in both of my runs as client in  Public mode, happened in one of two test runs Solo.  Sometimes it doesn't happen in the first cutscene of the fight but happens on subsequent cutscenes in the fight.
Edited by eboomer
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During void fissure, going into Granum void prevents ability usage permanently. Corrupted non-stop spawn in there too with a ton of nullifiers. I suspect that is related.

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  • TYPE:  In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Helping a new Tenno with Howl of the Kubrow, Survival on Venus with the new corpus ship tileset.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: complete the survival
  • OBSERVED RESULT: mission failed if I hosted and the new Tenno zoned in, If the New Tenno hosted, connection to host lost
  • REPRODUCTION RATE Multiple times tried to help him with either of the above results. I could not find any info if this part of the quest is solo only.
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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Only showing active pet and Breeding tabs
  • VISUAL: unable to attach image
  • REPRODUCTION: Activate Incubator
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Ability to swap Kubrows or put active into stasis
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Stasis Tab not showing
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