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The Tower Rush Game Mode

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Hello friends;
I know it's been more than two years and we all miss the trial missions, but I have a new idea 8 player mission named "TOWER RUSH".
On a map similar to the LUA or OROKIN missions, it will progress gradually to 50 floors. There will be a different mission on each floor (1st floor defense - 2nd floor disruption - 3rd floor survival - 4th floor interception...etc). Every 5 floors one special boss fight like razorback or jugernaut behemoth. A different nightmare mode challenge will be applied for each floor. In every 10 floors, an infested salvage mission will be done to unlock the main boss. Of course, the main boss we will meet on the 50th floor is the jordas verdict.
This is the main idea of the 85+ level "TOWER RUSH" quest, all players who have unlocked the arbitrations alert can enter.
I hope you like my opinion,  Peece ✌️

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5 minutes per floor means 4 hours to reach your boss. So either it's really 5 minutes per floor, in which case it is probably some level-30 uninteresting "challenge", or that's like one wave of endless of whatever high number you consider "HL" but in this case it's pretty uninspired. DE won't design a 20-hour mission so for sure you don't plan on having this thing be level 300+ missions.

I can't say I'd be interested.

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47 minutes ago, o0Despair0o said:

Aaaaaand you lost me there.


Trials/Raids were a mess. Speak for yourself.

Could be little bit messy but as u can see warframe dont have any entertaining content. Warframe have great potential but for now a hole game turn a mess sadly. Players just lvl up their MR and thats all. What we can realy do just for fun ?  Maybe this game a looter shooter but if u think we dont need something kind of u lost me there to 😄

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After watching that video again... I am still for this idea.

Chewarette has one point though, getting on and off the train, but the video skimmed over this with a "checkpoint" idea after reach boss floor.

I could imagine these checkpoints work as nodes, and it would be very similar to the caves in stardew, you just unlock the ability to go back to the deepest floor as you go.

And maybe it locks you to the most recent floor, otherwise it would have to balance you by taking away higher tiered equipment if you went back down the floors.

As for difficulty brought up by chewarette as well, take Excalibur, remove all your mods, take Beaton mk-1, remove all your mods, and only take those 2 pieces of equipment, now go beat a level 30 mission, its not necessarily hard, but it's more difficult than it could be, that's how difficulty is being handled here, scalable equipment loadouts opposed to scalable enemy levels.


To me though it sounds like higher levels would be harder to matchmake, there would be a point where people are just playing to have fun and people are playing to beat it, and there might be a gap inbetween with fewer players, kind of how railjack is right now, you got a couple groups in the veil and a couple groups on earth, but almost nothing inbetween... But for that their adding a join anywhere feature, I'm not so sure this would work for this kind of tiered tower idea... But if say at the start of each floor you pick your equipment like picking your next relic and specific equipment is set to be available on specific floors that might work.

So say floor one you get Braton, because it drops on that floor you can have it on all future floors.

But you get Braton prime on floor 10 you can have it on all future floors, but you cannot have it on any previous floors.

This keeps the ember effect from happening.

And as my final bit, I see multiple points to have either a randomly selected frame or only one at a time, but I don't see why frames couldn't be tiered out like weapons, you have your starter frames and new frames drop just like everything else, then at the start of a floor, the checkpoint area you get your loadout ready with a frame and all your other equipment.

I saw a point in the video that weapons being tier drops like this would let people re-expirence those weapons, but frames could probably use some re-expirence too.


But yeah, +1.

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For the nightmare modifier part it should not have no shields as base but as its own modifier. That way shield based frames can be valid choices.

Also why not just through sortie modifiers into the mix for more variety.

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